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Good morning lovelies and happy Monday! So excited about this week! and exhausted at the same time. To do a little re cap of my life lately I want to tell you some great news, babe and I moved in together this past weekend yay! this is not something we just decided, we have actually been […]

Design Style Your Home



Hello beauties and happy Tuesday! First of all I really have to apologies for my total disconnection for the las three weeks, the true is that I started a new job Yay! and if you ever experience a new job you will know that it’s important stay focus and give one hundred percent of you to […]

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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a terrific Thursday, I wanted to talk to you today about one of my favorite website to look for inspiration that is Domaine Home, it’s absolutely wonderful the many articles they have regarding  home decor, Celebrities home and many many ideas! I go there almost daily to feed […]

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Big Girls Talk!

A thousand things comes to mind when you think about your perfect home.  Some girls adore the city vibe, the yellow cabs ( Manhattan ) after midnight, the noise, the cosmopolitan urban crowd. Others prefer to establish themselves in areas that aloud them to have bigger spaces and tall ceilings, so maybe they can get […]