Mila cleansing milk


Two weeks ago I was walking to the beautiful waterfront of my city, near the boats, when there was this lady, a very nice one, walking two amazing Bull dogs, we star talking while the dogs smell my legs, I said, “You look terrific!”

She said, “I´m fifty years old”. I said, “NO WAY!, What is your secret?” She said “MILA.” The actress? (Mila Kunis) ha! ha! she smile, no is this seed I´d been having for years.

I’m a big fun of smoothies, I like the thousands of possibilities you have to improvise, specially because I do not have big fun for spinach, so I definitely prefer to drink it, and hide it between berries. Today I had this kind for the first time, it goes like this:

Strawberries/blueberries/blackberries/banana/1 greek yogurt natural/mango/raspberries/spinach. and two table spoons of Mila.

Well  Not all chia seeds are alike, she wrote me in a e-mail hours after give me two box of example.

It was really lovely meeting you on this beautiful day. As promised, I am sending you some additional information on the company Lifemax and its incredible product Mila. Please take a thoughtful look and let me know if you have questions. there are already a few brands on the market, Mila has been tested against those products and is far superior by comparison.

 “I can report that after the first week of taking Mila my energy levels increased noticeably, by the end of the second week I awoke feeling more rested and alert than I remember in a long while.  The pain from my bursitis became unworthy of mention within two months along with my menopausal symptoms and my skin is even better than before. I now begin each day with two tablespoons of Mila in a healthy shake and can’t imagine going back to my life without it.  The food is also having a tremendous impact on athletes in their recovery process and total well being, as well as many with high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other ailments.  Stacked with Omega 3s which have an impact on inflammation in the body, together with a host of other important nutrients it is the hope of Lifemax to change the health and well being of millions all over the world in due time” Lola.

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