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goop app

Goop- You are gonna love this city guide is filled with all of the much-loved and under-the-radar places, along with classic favorites. You may found places to shop, restaurants, art galleries and much more. And just saying you can´t  go wrong with Gwyneth Paltrow. $3.99.

Are you a font lover? if you are one like me, you are gonna adore this app.  iFontMaker gives you all the tools to draw your own font, it´s very easy to use, and a lot of fun. $6.99.

Haiku Deck is a FREE app that helps you create beautiful, professional presentations in a quick and practical way. If you are a student you are gonna found this a must have tool to contain information with a nice look.

Inspiration at your finger prints. Monogram gives you a fresh outlook to what is happening in the fashion world, a collection of shoppable fashion magazines. Free.

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