Old & odds

Old and odds Old and odds Old and odds Old and odds Old and odds Old and odds

Happy Tuesday everyone! I was deleting some old files from my camera and I found these photos that I didn’t want to lose, so I’m posting them here under the title of Old and odds.

The first one is a sweet moment I was able to capture las Fashion week in New York of talented Designer Pamella Roland, her three daughters and son.
the second one is a close up to one of my photo sessions, I really like the details of the accessories here.
Marvelous heart illustration by Haines also at Fashion week NY.
A randome (but interesting) picture of my luggage, this has been my situation for the last year.
I really love this illustration I draw for an exhibit a thousand years ago, it’s inspired by Kate Moss.
and the last one is about this amazing book I’m starting to read and that I totally recommend,already  is called: Willing to walk on water,  by Caroline Barnett, it really touches my heart and inspired me to help others.

Thank you for stopping by.

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