Rock and roll in December

Hi everyone! and happy Monday! how amazing it’s to think that in seven days will be Christmas! I’m so looking forward to spend some cozy time at home this holiday season and particularly excited as it will be my first in Prague. The Christmas markets are absolutely adorable and I love the atmosphere that the festivities bring to the city.

A couple of weeks ago I was really in the mood of putting together a more “unconventional” outfit. after all, Fashion is about having fun! there are two things I have noticed I have become obsessed with this Winter season and added to my wardrobe regularly one of them is a nice and colorful  faux fur scarf. I have a very nice one in dust rose color and this one showing here which is super fun to wear and so warm! I think it’s the perfect accessory to complement any outfit while still being warm.

I love having fun t-shirts to wear casually at home and this one is super versatile to combine with something a little more “put together” for a night out with friends, movies or for going to a concert! Which I haven’t done for quite sometime and planning on doing for sure next year. If you guys have any recommendation about it let me know!

I usually don’t wear red at all! Except for Christmas but when I saw this red trousers they look so Chic I had to get them. It’s incredible how stylish they look even with just a t-shirt on. On my daily basis I found myself carrying a gigantic bag with my laptop and a millions of others things and I really don’t like it at all. My ideal situation when going out will be taking my credit card, my phone and a tiny little lipstick. Sometimes I see girls in a club with a massive bag so uncomfortable I wonder what are they carrying in there? Do you really need that much to go dancing? 🙂

Anyways so this tiny little bag is from Kate Spade my all time favorite girly brand. And it’s so cute and light to carry when you just need those three things. One time I was on a plane and the flight attendant had to give me my bag to get my credit card and she was asking me girl what do you fit in there? Hahaha and I say oh I fit everything! Just like Mary Poppins lol

One of the things I love the most about blogging is to get to know other creative minded people who love what they do, so I was very excited to work with Julia in these photos she is not only very patient and sweet but has an incredible eye for photography. You can see more of her work here, she has very cute holiday photos.

We did a  shooting at my apartment for Christmas this past weekend and I’m so excited to show you a little bit of my space as I haven’t yet. We’ll have that in a few days in the blog.

I hope you have a fantastic week getting ready the last details for Christmas. Make sure to take it easy this holiday season and find time to enjoy yourselves.

Happy week everyone! Xoxo

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