A Sunday in New York City






I´d being working in this article for sometime, about things to do on a Sunday in NYC. It may not be you typical Sunday, but for me it has been an unforgettable experience so I want to share it with you.

1. Have breakfast at Tiffany´s yeah yeah it may be a clichè that you have heard many times before, but there is nothing like actually go there and do it! grab a good latte (large for me please) and take one of you BFF´s and go…Sunday´s morning are usually more empty then other days so you get to see the diamonds without the tourist chaos (not that I don´t love tourist I do) The people at Tiffany´s are the nicest and they let you go inside with you coffee, no wonder why Holly said nothing bad can happen to you there. (me in hat)

2. Feed your eye I found Sunday´s more relaxing and perfect to get some inspiration. If you are an insatiable self like me  you will love to make a quick stop at this magazine store. Around the world and go through the pages of thousands of fashion/accessories/beauty magazines from around the globe. Is incredibly stimulating to feed you eye with design. I love to see what is happening in Asia, Milan, Moscow etc. I always left this place feeling incredibly motivated to create something. Now if design and fashion books is what you are craving, McNally Jackson is the place you want to go. They have an extravagant selection of design book ideals for decorate coffee tables. (I always end up buying one) they also have a cute little coffee shop where you can hang out while you decide what to buy. Try de lemonade is delicious.

3. Brunch Of course!! Sunday after being the day of God is the day of brunch. After all that energy lost at Tiffany´s and the magazines, and the books you have to get some yummies in that belly. Here are three of my favorites (this was hard)

Buvette must have the best eggs benedict in NY. It´s intimate and so delicious. Not in order my second place is ABC Kitchen, if you decide to do it I have two words for you MAKE RESERVATIONS Sundays are totally booked you will need a couple of weeks to get in. The bellinis are to died for and I love the atmosphere between the tables and walls, food delicious as well very good salmon (Photo taken in the bathroom, I fell in love of the mirror)

And finally I can´t leave out a classic I swear the first time I tried the pancakes I almost cry. They were my mom´s recipe! I had a major flash back to my childhood just like when Anton ego tried Ratatouille´s Confit Byaldi. You have to experience Balthazar. Now if you can´t get a table at least promise me you will try the boulangerie and get some croissants.

4. Practice a sport you love: You know all those calories we try to lose during the week with our exhausting routines because we have to! I don´t find anything more enjoyable then practicing a sport I love and actually exercise at the same time. So I play volleyball on Sundays with the amazing view of Hudson river. It has been amazing to get to know new people as well if you are new in the city it´s so much fun.

5. Take a long bath BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT. Play some nice music (my choices Ennio Morricone, Joe Strummer and Hans Zimmer) I love the collection of handmade soaps and tub goodies from Smith & Chang, my favorites are the lavender essence.

6. Watch a Documentary I´m so into the documentaries in Netflix on Sunday´s night the last one I saw was this one about Woody Allen, Phenomenal. nothing like end up the day with one of this in the couch holding a good drink. And there you go! no seriously go enjoy you next Sunday! S.

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