Traveling essentials for long flights


I have a mix of feelings when flying and going somewhere else, from one part I feel excited to go some place new,it’s like a fresh start, but in the other hand I hate the whole process, the check in, and out, the security and sometimes the long waiting lines.
Well since I’m about to get into one of those super long flights (17 hours) I though I will share with you my essentials to take with me to make this situation more comfortable.

First I like to keep my accessories to the minimum, you don’t want to risk to lose something precious, or expensive if you need to take it off during security check up. I usually wear just my watch, and my shades (always shades) you know it will help you hide those dark circle eyes once you have landed.
One of the keys is keep your outfit simple with a touch of style, so even when I love to wear comfortable pants and sneakers during flights, I will manage to have a eye catching shirt like this one, and a hat to give myself that “celebrity look”
I like this bag because is super flexible to take any last minute goods. And I always like to carry a small one for passport, money and mini iPad/phone.

My evian water is a must, since my skin usually gets really dry during flights so to keep it hydrated I spray some of this often, same thing with my lips, this Khiel’s lip balm is amazing it will seriously make your lips smooth and soft in extra quick time.
I like to carry my Dior foundation, so I can retouch myself before landing.

I hope you guys like it, you can buy all these amazing products in the link below. have a wonderful Friday everyone! Bon voyage!


  1. Jenna
    June 17, 2015 / 08:51

    Love the shoes! We’re they from?
    Xx Jenna

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