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I can’t believe that I haven’t post anything related to decor in my blog in such a long time, when all I do during Saturday morning is be lazy and look at decor stores on line, it has become really a thing for me lately. In my endless journey for decor inspiration I recently came across Arketipo an Italian furniture firm, and I immediately fell in love with their selection of high end pieces. I found myself pinning away all of these gorgeous images from their catalogue on Pinterest a couple of weekends ago, and I knew I had to share it with you all.

There are many decor pieces that we we obsess with, but I think anyone starting decorating their place should agree that the two best investment you can do are your sofa and your bed, I mean at least for me these two piece are the most important ones, for the big amount of time you will spend on them!! I think you can totally trick your spaces with more affordable designs as soon as your sofa is a great one.

I really love this catalogue, for that marriage between furniture and fashion they have going on. The designs of these sofas are formidable and the materials and colors are all personalize to your own personal taste. If you are located in Prague you can get Arketipo designs directly here under the store blomus.cz one of my favorites decor and appliances store here.

As always i have chose some of my favorite decor pieces from Shopstyle that you can find below. I hope you guys enjoy this post and if you have any other furniture company that you love please tell me about it so I can check it out! have a great weekend everybody!

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