Working out in Winter

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Hello lovelies! and happy Tuesday to each and everyone of you! I hope this post found you well and happy specially if you are located in the sunny part of the world, I’m incredibly jealous right now because the temperatures in Prague really drop down in the last couple of weeks, while I talk to my friends and family in South America they are all enjoying the pool or the Caribbean trips, meanwhile here in Europe I’m wrapped up all day feeling my inner freezing cold with tons of Chai lattes (thank you Starbucks)

For some reason during the Summer months I feel incredibly motivated to work out and exercise but as soon as the Winter hits I feel like that enthusiasm drastically change and all I want is to eat croissants and watch Friends (guilty) Do you guys have that same mind season mood? Of course I think doing some kind of work out it’s very good for you (and not eating many croissants too) I wanted to shareeight things that I try to do during the cold season to push this touchy out of the door and stay fit. Not in a particular order

  1. MUSIC This song by Dua Lipa always puts me in the mood to start running
  2. OUTDOORS I know is cold, but I have the amazing advantage to live is such a gorgeous city, so I try to skip the gym and go outside, it’s amazing how the fresh air changes your mood instantly. Find a spot that works for you and go with the flow.
  3. SCALE It’s fantastic how incredibly motivating it’s to start seeing results day by day, this always keeps me motivated, I check my weight like every morning, it’s kind of my weird things hahah but it really makes me feel in “control” in a way so for example if I see that I have gained dome extra weight I immediately know I need to stop “eating that” “working harder” etc. I like knowing.
  4. HYDRATION One the most important ones of the day is this one, and it has nothing to do with the season, not matter what I always start my day with a glass of cold water and lemon (it makes a huge difference in the way I feel during the day) energetic and not to mention lemon is very good for your skin. I drink 3 liters every day. And if I could give one piece of advice to anybody trying really hard to lose weight, it will be this one. start drinking more water, as a small tip use a specific bottle so you can keep count. Sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I realized I haven’t drink enough, I force myself to drink what I need to drink to complete those 3 liters. I also do a lot of Coconut water I’m sure I mentioned that before here. In Prague I got it at Marks & Spencer. it hydrates double than water and has more potassium than a banana.
  5. CLASSES You know I recently discover that in my building there is a Tango studio and its the most beautiful thing to see while looking from the street. I’m always open to try different things to do, I have done flamenco classes, Zumba and recently one of my BFF told me all about pull dancing, which I thought it was nuts! hahah but oh so fun!! Find something that works for you and enjoy!
  6. PARTY I’m a dancing gal by nature, so any excuse to go out dancing it’s a yes for me. Going out partying and dancing the night away could be a fantastic way to lose some fat.
  7. NUTRITION learn about healthy eating, it’s not just about losing that weight but about staying these 2 books are my favorites to start:  The BODY BOOK changed my life I totally recommend it. also EAT BEAUTIFUL
    contains amazing recipes to help your skin from the inside out. 
  8. SHOPPING if none of that helps going for work out clothes shopping doesn’t hurt and keeps to on track. As always I have put together some of my favorites in working out clothes down for you to check out!

I hoped you liked this post and I see you next time! xoxo


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