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3f0522bdf7b9378c1f6fecaf33de3b16052a76b767575b125e297ad5a1e571624e8cdbe10d2c2533dd41d1acc3a8a810I’m always amazed by the power of our surroundings, and how these scenarios affect our mood and emotions.

Pablo Picasso used to say: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” That working place for me has so many possibilities it’s the ultimate intimacy with myself, and the process of creation. I like for example listen to explosive music, a bit that gives me the energy to do my thing, I usually have with me lost of water, to keep my mind fresh and my brain awake. I like to have stimulating images, colors & and of courses fabrics.

I found this beautiful picture of this little working place in Pinterest, and I loved it, because in a city like NY where you don’t have to much space, this one shows that with a little bit of style, you can find your little working corner 🙂

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