London Based designer and  content creator Sardis Jaque launched her website in 2013 with the intention to inspired effortless style and smart editorial-based stories for women.

Withoutipstick is meant to be a platform of beauty, a source of inspiration and an elegant guide for women all around the world. The aim is to encourage each other on the purse of a more joyful, informative, beautiful and why not, colorful life.

Sardis offers her readers real-life insight into her personal style, domestic discoveries and constant yearning to travel the world – all distilled into a mix of clever writing and clean-stunning graphics.  In her spare time, Sardis enjoys hunting vintage shops, playing volleyball, dancing and cooking at home.

Withoutlipstick welcomes every collaborative opportunity and has had the pleasure of working with a plethora of International brands. Please follow this link to find more information Here

If you require any further information about Sardis or WithoutLipstick.com Please e-mail: xoxo@withoutlipstick.com and review the portfolio of WORK

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