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Daniel Wellington lasting elegance

May 25, 2016

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Hello beautiful I hope this post find you happy and enjoying life to the fullest! Today I want to talk to you about watches, I have been in long lasting relationship with watches since a very young age. My dad got me one of the first “branded” watches I ever own when I was in highschool and I still have it, I think it has been like the same thing that happen to me with cellphones I only update my cellphones because I want a more modern version, but never because it’s broken or lost, or damaged. In my last visit to my parents (Chile) I showed my Mum the watch daddy got me during high school and she coudn’t bealieve I still got it. I don’t wear many different ones but one I really love is this silver-gold Michael Kors (it was kind of love at first sigh) and I’ve wear it for years now, quality intact, incredibly easy to combine with casual and more sophisticated looks.

The other watch that sleeps in my accessories table is this one I’m wearing here, it’s a classic Daniel Wellington, and I know that you have seen it a lot around lately, but it’s only because it has become such an statement piece, it’s classic but modern at the same time, and versatile, so you can dress it up or down. by the way can I tell you about my obsession for this furniture and decor store in Prague is a little piece of heaven, absolutely adoring this pink sofa, what girl doesn’t love a pink sofa.

Well I hope you guys like this post, and if you have any favorite watches, send me a quote! I’m always interested in knowing new brands. have a lovely Wednesday everybody! xoxo

Thank you Daniel Wellington for sponsoring this post.

Design Style Your Home


May 10, 2016

Hello beauties and happy Tuesday! First of all I really have to apologies for my total disconnection for the las three weeks, the true is that I started a new job Yay! and if you ever experience a new job you will know that it’s important stay focus and give one hundred percent of you to it. Honestly I feel so great to starting to settle down in my new office, getting used to my new schedule (full time) and my awesome colleagues. But I have also miss this little space of mine, and you guys! But also excited for the new chapter and the amazing things that 2016 is bringing on for me.

As I tell you a little bit about today’s post, as you already know about two months ago I moved to a new apartment in the city center of beautiful Prague. and though I’m excited about the location, I feel like my apartment needs a little make over, and well with everything happen in my life lately I haven’t have the time to work on it, but my plan is really to get into it soon. Starting on my bedroom. Hopefully I can document little by little how I start giving this space a fresh do.

One of the most amazing things about living in Prague is that I have fallen in love with vintage shops, there are so many of them, and antiques everywhere! already have purchase a couple of little plates, vase,etc and I hope you can see them soon when I post my redecorated bedroom. Even when I have a very modern and minimalistic interior preference, I found that my favorites rooms are those containing the perfect mix between modernism with a little bit of classic, either in the shape of a old golden frame, or a Baroque chair.

I have choose some of my favorites so far from Shopstyle and also put together a little board to get inspired. if you are in the same place as me please tell me about your favorites places to get furniture, decor pieces, etc.

Have a great week everyone! xoxo.

Source The Coveteur/ DomaineHome

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April 11, 2016

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ivyHi guys! happy Monday everyone, I moved out from my apartment last weekend so the last two weeks has been pretty chaotic! I’m finally seating down and having the time to get to my e-mails.

Today I want to talk about IVYREVEL a a digital ONLY store  that has become one of my very favorites in Europe. Since I’m living in Prague I found it difficult to get really cute dresses and accessories I had basically getting everything on line lately. I really like that the designs are limited editions and that you can shop online from the comfort and security of Paypal.

I was first introduce to the brand during Christmas season, I was looking for a really (surprising) golden dress for New year’s eve and I saw Kenzas wearing this absolutely stunning sequin cocktail dress and my first thought was it must cost a fortune! because seriously you guys it looked like a “the” million bucks kind of look, so I went online to find out where it was from just for curiosity and I was so surprised to see not only this dress but many other options in accessories and shoes, next things I spent hours just checking all the clothing.

Every time I go to the store it makes me feel like I want to dress up and go out partying, I honestly haven’t party at all this year, well except last weekend when boyfriend was in town (add happy face here) but I’m looking forward to do it as soon as the weather stars getting warmer.

I really hope you can check out these fabulous products. Thanks for reading and have a great week everybody!xoxo


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ShopStyle Sale

March 23, 2016

Good morning lovelies! Easter is just a few days away and ShopStyle is having a great sale! Easter is such a beautiful occasion to welcome those first vibes of Spring surrounded by family and friends enjoying Sunday brunch and more importantly being grateful for all our blessings.

Just in time for that, I want to share a couple of beautiful lace and pastel dresses that I absolutely love and that are with a huge discount in Shop Style these days, yay! lace is such a feminine material and so perfect to wear when the weather starts getting a little warmer. I haven’t done a soft board in a long time and I really like how this one turn out. I really love this blazer from J.crew since it can be combine with so many different pieces, creating different looks for this season. I see it as a cover for many of these dresses but also with for a more casual look add jeans and a white tee, some nude sandals and you are done! I like how feminine and girly this heels are, and how much they scream Primavera.

These little Kate Spade earrings are such a subtle statement to your look, so delicate and fine. When I was little for this occasion, my Mum used to get us matching dresses to me and my sister, I remember that hated it, because it took away that unique aspect (yeah I have been very particular about that since very little, apparently) Anyway now that I look back at those photos I think is just the most precious thing! When did the matching Mum and daughter’ clothes became old?

I hope you guys have a fantastic Easter weekend! I heard about this tradition here in Prague that boys have to pat the girls in back with colorful sticks (yeas I’m serious!) it’s called pomlázka and if they do so girls will be beautiful and health for the whole year, in compensation for being hit on your back, you give the boys a beautiful decorated egg.

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Women who work

March 21, 2016

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I constantly feel so inspired by Women, ladies from all over the world, some of them I have the pleasure to call friends, cousins, etc. Other through my blog I know by digital connection, however I always feel proud for so many of them that can manage so many different areas of their lives and be successful at it. It’s indeed a great time to be a woman.

In my previous post I gave you an inside into my bag, and today in this post I want to show you this look inspired in #WomenWhoWork, a campaign initiated by Ivanka Trump that celebrates all those hard working, multitasking women out there! a little bit about the campaign:  “Our goal is to inspire and empower women to create the lives they want to lead. Through powerful, practical interviews on topics including career advice and skill building, style, personal finance, parenting, wellness and beauty, we’re highlighting the incredible women around us who are working—hard—at all aspects of their lives” 

Growing up in a family with such a strong female presence, I was always learning from the females, My Grandmother became a widower on her 60’s and had to become the solid stone to hold her four daughters and four sons together. My Mum raised us to follow our dreams, and go for what we wanted, my sister and I grow up with a non stop Mum, our house was impeccably ruled by this amazing attitude in control.

I love when woman support each other, help each other, and appreciate each other, as a new blogger I’m constantly learning and looking for advice from other women in the business and feel happy to know about successful histories from them. I really like to receive my Newsletter from Ivanka’s website since it positive, useful and gives that little push to continue this journey to be successful. I hope you guys enjoy this look and in some way could also feel empowered to pursuit your goal this 2016.

As always some of the items I’m wearing are out of stock, but I have added some similar ones for your choice. Have a magnificent week girls! xo

Thank you Ivanka Trump for this beautiful tote.

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Inside my Soho Tote

March 20, 2016


Hello everybody! and happy Sunday! I’m so excited that tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring, and honestly I’m so done with Winter, I can’t wait for warmer weather, blossom, cherry trees and flowers. A new season is always a great time to reorganize things on your closet and reinvent your wardrobe, like a new start.

Today I want to give you a glimpse to some products that I’m currently loving and using on my daily life. These are the things I carry in my bag and that are so useful to have specially if you are a working woman on the move. I’m so impressed about how much space this Soho tote from Ivanka Trump’s Collection has, it makes it so easy to contain all your “necessities” and go! if you are an “after work gym” type of gal, you could easily carry all your gym clothes in here, if you are a new Mum, I think you could also keep all the necessary baby stuff in this bag, without losing your style.

I will write you a little in details some of these things I carry in mine. First of all if you are traveling or have a busy schedule and don’t want to run out of battery in your phone you MUST have the tech sleeve it’s so easy to stay connected and charged 24 hours a day, I also like the fact that you can carry it as a hand bag and still look polished and professional. I’m using the Rio Silver and it’s absolutely perfect to take with you for a night out, as well inside your regular working bag.

Sunglasses I really love these MIU MIU I have added some other styles from the brand that I really like in the board below. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne. One of my Grandmother’s name was Freesia so always makes me happy to have this essence close, also the size is perfect to carry it on. Lately I have been using many different pink lipstick, my latest favorite is this Astor peachy pink 103 May I also say that I love the packing!

Talking about beauty products, keeping your lips hydrated is a must during the cold weather, and I’m amazed about this One love Organics Skin savior wonder balm, it’s so natural and smell so amazing, I just want to eat it!

I like to write down my ideas, or important notes, I always carry a notebook with me and a couple of Sharpies in funny colors to mark down important tasks.

My wallet, of course this one was a present from my sister, so is very special for me, is from Ralph Lauren, it’s sold out, but I have found some similar ones and added them to the products below.

Feeling stressed? nothing better than lift up your senses with just a few drops of this Aromatic stress treatment by Tata Harper, just apply it to your wrists and on each side of your neck for an instant relief from tension, magical ah!

Ringly is probably one of the most innovative and trendy companies out there, I think this is such a fantastic concept for the working woman of today. These fantastic accessories allow you to stay in contact with your important emails without having to check your phone all the time. Select the messages you want to receive from specific contacts and Ringly will give you a signal when you receive them in your ring. Brilliant! In the pictures I’m wearing the DAY DREAM design which is so feminine and pretty. Every time I wear it makes me feel a little James Bond -ish.

Thank you notes! never be out of them! so nice to receive them! but what a great way to give the best impression of yourself! These lovely ones are from Ivanka Trump’s collection as well and they are beautiful.

Lastly I always try to keep a little snack with me, either nuts, an organic cereal bar, or a dark chocolate. I think that is all, I hope you guys like these pictures and let me know what are some essentials that you use in your everyday bag, I’m always open to recommendations. Enjoy you weekend!!! xo

Thank you Ivanka Trump for sending me this beautiful bag.

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Under the radar Arketipo

March 5, 2016


I can’t believe that I haven’t post anything related to decor in my blog in such a long time, when all I do during Saturday morning is be lazy and look at decor stores on line, it has become really a thing for me lately. In my endless journey for decor inspiration I recently came across Arketipo an Italian furniture firm, and I immediately fell in love with their selection of high end pieces. I found myself pinning away all of these gorgeous images from their catalogue on Pinterest a couple of weekends ago, and I knew I had to share it with you all.

There are many decor pieces that we we obsess with, but I think anyone starting decorating their place should agree that the two best investment you can do are your sofa and your bed, I mean at least for me these two piece are the most important ones, for the big amount of time you will spend on them!! I think you can totally trick your spaces with more affordable designs as soon as your sofa is a great one.

I really love this catalogue, for that marriage between furniture and fashion they have going on. The designs of these sofas are formidable and the materials and colors are all personalize to your own personal taste. If you are located in Prague you can get Arketipo designs directly here under the store one of my favorites decor and appliances store here.

As always i have chose some of my favorite decor pieces from Shopstyle that you can find below. I hope you guys enjoy this post and if you have any other furniture company that you love please tell me about it so I can check it out! have a great weekend everybody!

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Kate Hudson Fabletics

February 18, 2016

Fabletics-2-katehudson Kate-Hudson-Fabletics-coconut Kate-Hudson-Fabletics-surfboard kh_10_15_1Kate-Hudson-For-Fabletics

One thing is to be true, Kate Hudson has always managed to look amazing in and out the red carpet, so when I heard that she recently started a new fitness clothing collection I knew I need it to check it out! she is a mother of two you guys and looks absolutely phenomenal. Sometimes you need to take a look around for some serious work out/healthy inspiration and these photos I’m posting here today have given me a real call out to get into shape, I have to be honest Winter has me so lazy!!!

Apparently the system to get this clothing is very personalized and easy, if you register in the website and are in the mood to answer a few question about your sort routine, you should be able to get a 25% discount to use in your first purchase, not bad! I don’t know why I always like darkest colors when I run, never really go into pinks or very bright colors, I absolutely adore the black out outfit she is using in one of the pictures, that one is totally my style.

I definitely love the air in the pictures, very pretty and inspiring definitely a good boost to go out and start working out that winter extra pounds. I have chosen some of favorites to work out also from Shopstyle if you wanna take a look those will be here in the board below. I hope you guys have an amazing Thursday. I can’t wait for the weekend! have great rest of the week gorgeous! xo

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Valentine’s day beauty

February 14, 2016

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Happy Valentine’s everybody! the day of L o v e is here and as I write this I hope you are having the best day, either you are spoiling yourself today or cuddling you special one it’s all bout celebrating the love we feel for ourselves and other. I don’t usually post pictures in black and white, I seriously think this is my first post ever in black and white but these pictures where so old movie and since Valentine’s is all about romance, I thought this will make this post a little bit more like that. My feeling are mixed up today, from one part I feel so happy to be with an amazing, handsome man in my life, but so sad that we can’t be together during this day, if you have ever been in a long distance relationship you know how difficult it’s to be apart for special occasions like this one. Fortunately he is the sweeties and besides sending me the most beautiful bouquet of white roses, champagne and chocolates, he also wrote a note with a quote from my favorites poets, Neruda. so romantic! and before I sit down in front of Skype to celebrate a virtual Valentine’s day, I want to leave you with this cute hair style that I really like, and a few of my favorites beauty products for your hair and make up. Since dying my hair, I have tried to be very consistent in my beauty care, I have always loved Oribe products because of their quality and why not to say it they smell fantastic!! I hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful and lovely valentine’s day. Xo

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Valentines day for a diva

February 10, 2016

Good morning girls! and happy Wednesday! This week is going by so far! and I can’t believe Valentine’s day is actually this Sunday! (add a little screaming noise here) I really need to get to the mail office today. for the last three days I’ve been thinking about creating a board of presents ideas for this love day, and finally I realized that many of my followers may or may not be in a relationship this year Yay for those ones that are! and also yay for Galentine’s day. I was single for many Valentine’s days before and I know how this day is for you when everybody else around you inside this pink bubble and you just can’t wait for February 15th to come. This year I have a boyfriend who happens to be in Scotland and we cannot be together during Valentine’s day (sad face) so I thought why not make it a day to celebrate yourself, your single gals, you Bffs!! after all your first love should always always be you!

I have put together some fabulous items to spoil yourself this day and celebrate the diva inside! I absolutely adore every single item in this board, and I would be incredibly happy to get any of these as presents. From sexy lingerie, great lipstick, Diptyque essence (seriously how cute is this limited edition!) and those Sophia Webster heels! to die for! make the best out of this day with these lovely products, and why not spoil your best friends too!

I will probably be having champagne this Sunday and wishing to be with the boyfriend. I hope you guys have fabulous Valentine’s day and please let me know how your are celebrating either you are in a relationship or not. Happy Va/Ga lentine’s everyone! xoxo

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6 little luxuries

February 8, 2016

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Good morning everyone! Another weeks starts and I’m feeling incredibly excited about the longer days and February the month of L O V E. (even though I won’t be spending valentine’s day with boy friend) it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little pre valentine prep right? See my post from last year’s valentine prep here. I’m always happy to come back to this little space of mine and have the chance to connect with so many amazing girls from all over the world. It’s so nice to receive your messages everyday either here or social media, and your support means the world! For me it’s all about founding affordable options to light up your closet and why not to say it, your life! I really like a good discount, free shipping and the extra gift, but some times you also need a little bit of glamour in your everyday life, and today’s post is all about about that! I want to share with you six little luxuries that work for me, and that won’t necessary break the bank.

Fashion magazines – It’s amazing how they can light up your spirit not matter how bad your day is going, need to take a break from work or anything? grab a good Fashion magazine and a good cup of coffee and feel automatically better. You will always found a good tip for your wardrobe, inspiration , a good article, etc. If you are not that crazy a about fashion try a good decor magazine.

Dior Nude nail polish – This one is by far one of my exclusive favorites nails polish of all times, it’s like Chanel number 5 in nail polish, it’s classic, elegant and the greatest investment you can do for your hands.

Diptyque Candles – Okay hear me out here while I try to convince you into spending $60.00 in a candle. These candles are not only lasting but the essence are fantastic, they will make your home smell amazing while they long, plus the design it’s so chic that you can re use them after the wax is gone, as beautiful make up containers, you don’t believe me? please take a look at this stylish look and D.I.Y project to keep you diptique for ever.

YSL Mascara – I don’t know about you but I have a battle with myself regarding fake eyelashes (If you have made up your mind about it, please share your experience with me) I love having gorgeous eyelashes and this mascara is the one that works best for me, I know it’t an investment but I adore the easy way my eyelashes curl.

Tech with style – This one is for the working woman on the move, I know that there are many expensive items you need for your work but this little USB pen drive can’t be more stylish and useful at the same time. Stand up in any meeting.

Lancome shimmery eyes – I love this eye sparkle, it adds a little bit of glamour to every make up.

And finally if you aloud me to add just one more thing to these selection of little luxuries I will suggest you to get some truffles, delicious and an instant touch of elegance to every meeting.

I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday. Don’t forget to write me if you have any other suggestions for this list. Xo

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Nespresso and sweets

January 22, 2016

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The happiest of Fridays for you! so excited for the weekend and indoor volleyball. I while ago I share some pictures with this look  furry coat and Calvin Klein ankle booties, what I didn’t mention then was my weakness for European sweets and treat. I usually try to cut as much sugar as I can from my regular diet and I feel like I don’t need it for coffee or tea since many year now. But since I moved to Europe (last April) I have found myself walking around this beautiful city and discovering the most adorable little cafes, and sometimes specially with this incredibly low temperatures I feel like indulging myself in a little something, don’t even get me started with the croissant! I feel like a little girl in this pictures looking a the candy store. Awe memories.

So I want to share with you my favorites places in Prague. In my previous post I talked to you about Cafe cafe for a good Nespresso and today I want to share my favorite bakery Bake Shop close to Old town Square ever since I got my Birthday cake there see it here I have been absolutely hooked up with this place and I’m glad I get to share some pictures of it here today.

For me there is not other better way to re charge than take a break, grab a magazine and enjoy a good Nespresso and sweets, nothing like taking some time to be with YOURSELF maybe something to try this weekend? if you add to that a good chocolate croissant or a chocolate cheap brownie, just wonderful and don’t worry you will have the whole week to lose those calories.

The other way to feel inspire besides the magazine outlook is for me to go window shopping, it’s such a fresh new star specially when we are talking about changing of seasons, love to see the new collections and decor of the windows.

I hope you get to enjoy a little me time this weekend, it’s always good for your soul! if you can’t do any of this things for missing time, kids and family affairs, try a long bath. Let me know any other ways and ideas you use for re charge and keep feeling inspired. Have a great weekend everybody!! xo.


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New Chic give away

January 14, 2016

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Sexy Lace Flat Pointed Toe Ballet Sandals sku242917

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope this ending of the week is going well for all of you! I’m happy to write and share my first post of 2016, recently I discovered Cafe-Cafe in Old town Prague and has become one of my very favorites so far, I absolutely love the atmosphere of this cafe and the fact that they carry Nespresso (my favorite) I’m after all a coffee gal! I’m so excited about 2016 not only for all the wonderful things happening here in my blog and personal life, but also for traveling (I have a list of six places I want to visit this year) but I will tell you all about it in a different post.

I few weeks ago I received this beautiful long sleeves shoulders wool coat from an online store carrying incredible and affordable pieces from jackets to dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. The best part is that they ship worldwide which is a great option for many of my followers living in other countries. I have to admit that I was a little curious about this product, I didn’t know what to expect from a $10.00 budget (yes that is how much it cost) But I was so pleased to realize that it actually looks pretty good, and why not to say it, it’s very warm for this weather as well. I absolutely love the color! You can find this same coat here and also you have the option in beige and black. I ordered size 36.

Today, to make the starting of the new year even more special, I’ve team up with to give away to one lucky winner a $30.00 gift card to buy this jacket or anything you like from their store (This gorgeous flats are looking pretty good to me) What you need to do to participate? It’s very simple:

1. Go to and register in their website (this is a very easy and fast process it won’t take you long)

2.  Follow Newchic in social media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram /Pinterest/Tumblr

3.  For extra points comment in this post, and that’s it! The ONE lucky winner will be announce here next Thursday February 10th.

The rest of my outfit you can find it in the widget below, some of the pieces are sold out, but I have added some very similar options for you. I hope you enjoy this outfit and give away, and thanks for following along. Xo

Thank you New Chic for sponsoring this post.



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The best of 2015

January 11, 2016


The best of 2015. We hear it all the time, this past year went so fast! I like to think that time go by fast when you are having fun, and certainly that should always be a paramount not matter what.

If I should choose a word to describe this last 2015 I don’t think one word will be enough, recently Facebook send me one of those “a year ago” pictures and it made me smile, I was sitting with my home country friends in a restaurant in Chile with the fantastic view to the pacific ocean in my city Vina del mar, that was last January, this January I was in Scotland the same day having home made mojitos by my boyfriend. Last April I moved to Prague after living in the United States for over five years. The funny part is that one of my new year’s resolutions of 2014 was exactly this: travel and learn a new language, and here I’m traveling and trying to enroll into Czech classes.

Sometimes people ask me why do I have a blog, what is the purpose of it, and my answer is always the same, because it makes me HAPPY, it makes me happy to comeback and see pictures of me five years ago, the places I was seeing, the things I used to like, this blog is my life’s journal is my little corner where I can share the person I’m for better or worse, this is me. Sometimes you receive so many comments about other people in this business and how much fame they have, or how stunning they look, I agree they are amazing girls creating fantastic editorials in their blogs and I think is great that some women relate to that, but for me personally I have never intended to be a super model, certainly that has never being the purpose of having this space, my intention is to INSPIRE other women to live their lives beautifully, to make the best out of what they are, to share the looks that work for me, to provide with ideas for them to use and enjoy themselves, to take care of their inner beauty, to shine.

From time to time it’s important to remind that to my readers, because I’m a girl just like you, with worries, with questions, with dreams, with a budget. And what better time than to do so at the beginning of a new year. I’m always glad to hear comments from you telling me how much you enjoy my pictures, it really means the world to me! so I want to say thank you to all of you, I know that I may not have a thousand of people who will read this, but that doesn’t matter because each one of you is special here, because we can support each other, while doing something that make us feeling passionate about, this blog makes me feel passionate, and excited every day, and I cannot be more grateful for having you here, sharing this journey with me.

Life is beautiful, when you are able to see that beauty. I force myself to see it, in someone walking her dog, or someone devouring a croissant, in a lovers kiss, in the fresh roses of the market, in my foot print in the snow. Every day is a blessing and every year is a remainder that we are still here, and that we have the chance to change the bad, to improve the okay and to keep doing the best!

I hope this 2016 brings many blessing to you and your love ones! Xoxo


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Edinburgh road trip

January 8, 2016

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Hello everyone and happy weekend! I’m just coming back to my routine after my two weeks holiday vacation that took place in the gorgeous London city for Christmas and Aberdeen- Scotland for New year’s eve. After spending time with boyfriend and his family and friends. I had the most amazing time during the holidays, Scotland has quickly win a little pice of my heart. We loved taking road trips to the castles near and and we even managed to take a little road trip for two days to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, which by the way is absolutely gorgeous!

I want to share some random pictures of our Edinburgh road trip, these are very special ones, since I had a new photographer! Andrew patiently manage to take most off these shots regardless my insistently request for more and more lol task he assume with a lovely attitude. In Edinburgh we walked the royal mile from the castle to the Queen’s palace passing along many of local pubs and adorable whiskey shops, that the city is famous for. We had a yummy burger and beer at The world ends, a local pub and we casually came across an extraordinary band that we both adore in a near night club. it was amazing! Next day we walked the city center, went to see some art at the museum of national history and had fish and chips (him) and macaroni and cheese (me) before we hit the road back to Aberdeen.

Even when I was advised to take my warmest jacket to Scotland, and of course they were absolutely right! I needed it! we were glad for not having any snow during our trip, but it was still pretty cold. I was lucky enough to count with this incredible puffer coat that has been one of my best friends during the last 2 winters. I really like to keep myself warm and cozy during the cold temperatures but I hate those extreme big jackets that make people seems to be inside of a black bubble and can;t even move. This jacket from Calvin Klein stills gives you all the comfort without making you lose your beautiful female shape and that is why I like it, its’ incredible comfy and super stylish as well, as many of Calvin Klein’s puffers.

I have put together some of my favorites winter jackets from the brand because “winter is coming” (that was very Game of Thrones) lol and you may want to have one of this in your closet! have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I hope you follow me on Instagram since there are more pictures of my trip over there. Xoxo

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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2015

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Merry Christmas everyone! Finally December 24th is here! and while I write this I’m seating waiting for my flight to London with my beau. Christmas always will be an excuse to dress up and make good use of your sparkles, silvers and golds.

I’m not sure if you can identify with this, but I’m the kind of person that some times buys pieces of clothing and don’t wear it for a long time? well I’m a little bit weird like that and this is exactly what happened with this dress, I bought it years ago in New York and haven’t wear it for more than a few times. It’s perfect for the holidays or a night out, I really love that also has pockets, which makes it more comfy while still super glamorous.

This probably will be my last photo shot this year, and I can’t be happier that we managed to do it at the Four Seasons hotel in Prague, a big thank you! to all the beautiful people of the hotel for letting us interrupt the fabulous lobby scene, this past Thursday, but the atmosphere couldn’t have been more perfect for a Christmas outfit. I wish I could describe in a better way how lovely the hotel decor was, the champagne and chandeliers combine with the most amazing christmas notes from the piano, it made me feel in a little bit of Christmas heaven.

Also glad that I get to show you a pick of my Christmas presents this year, this is very much how I wrapped my presents with tones of gold and red.

I hope you get to spend a fantastic Christmas with your love ones and can’t wait to show you pictures of my adventures in London and Scotland in the next weeks, if you are following me on Instagram make sure to give me some tips about things to see and do!

Happy holidays everyone! xoxo

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Christmas gift guide

December 17, 2015
christmas gifts

Good morning beautiful! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and hopefully you have had some time to take care of your Christmas shopping! Last weekend I tried to do a little bit of my shopping list, and after hours just talking and having some wine and crepes with my bff, I was able to find a couple of things, still a long way to go, and particularly the wrapping still to go. In my family we have always put so much attention to the wrapping, last year at my parents house my Mom gave me this beautiful wrapped present and I was like: I don’t really wanna open it because is too pretty! lol we are THAT crazy about wrapping! so this year I decided to show you a few easy tips for wrapping presents that I use or have used in the past, and that post should be in my blog later this week.

Today I want to share some of my favorites christmas goods I have put my eyes on during the last week, this is my Christmas gift guide, and I hope they will give you some inspiration for your “still on time” Christmas shopping. I personally love how festive this board is, because I really love love the holidays. Gold is my favorite color ever! and come on Christmas is like Gold’s happy birthday haha.

Here you will find some very cute presents for your best friend, Mom or host in your life. I have made a board with links to find these gorgeous present (before they are gone!) and you can find them below, there are some exceptions and those are:

Number 2 Lana lip cocktail ring by DFV

Number 5 The little helper Gnome you can found it here

Number 9 is a gorgeous blanket from one of our friends and collaborators in our blog, Elinens who is giving away BEDDING FOR LIFE in their website during December! you can find this pretty festive blanket here also in beige and red. Make sure you also enter to participate and win this incredible price!

I have added my favorite essence for the season, don’t you just love when your place smell like christmas? add to that your favorite Christmas music, some cookies and you are done! (btw my favorite Christmas song) and how great is that festive Christmas blanket, perfect for wrapping yourself in the sofa watching your favorite Christmas movies!

These days I feel in need of extra brushes, and this precious package from Lancome is absolutely perfect.

The rest of the products can be easily found below. I hope your Christmas shopping is as smooth as a sweet cup of cocoa this year and you are able to enjoy the best of this season. Xo

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Feeling festive

December 9, 2015

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Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! Holiday season is officially here fa-lalalala – la-la! and I couldn’t wait to show you guys this outfit I’m posting today done with the incredible and sweet Victoria Samus. Victoria has been my photographer since I arrived in Prague and I want to give a big shout out about her because she is amazing! I really enjoy working side by side with this lovely lady, because she understands exactly my vision and what I want to communicate with each session.

We did these photos at Old town square in Prague, right next to the clock, I know It took me a while to post a Christmas look, but I really love what I finally chose, specially because it’s comfy and feminine at the same time, I have seeing a lot of Christmas “party” looks but I wanted to share a look that is polish while still alludes you to wear it during the day while shopping, running errands or meeting with friends for that cup of cocoa.

Of course I love everything sparkles and the holidays are such a big excuse to get away with it! I pick up this sparkle pants from Jennifer Lopez’s collection at Khol’s and really like the shape (it’s really like inspired in Jennifer’s body) more wide on the hips more skinny on the legs. My earrings are from Kate Spade. This is one of my favorites silly hats, I tried to find it in the website but I believe Jonathan Alder doesn’t carrie it anymore, but not need to despair, I have found some really cute ones from other stores and they are all in the description below, since many of the products and clothing I’m wearing are out of stock, you will find similar ones there.

This year I’ll be traveling to London for Christmas and Scotland for new year’s eve, so I’m totally trying to enjoy as much as I can of the holiday season while in Prague. This christmas tree is so pretty and the little market’s shop just a delight! how cute is that little English  soldier hand-painted, just precious! I hope you guys enjoy this season and thank you for reading!! Xoxo.

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Christmas shopping

December 6, 2015

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I can’t tell you how much I adore this season, I’ve always thought there is a special magic around that make everyone who is able to notice it more happy and grateful. The lights and decorations adorning the streets and the smell of sugar from the street markets. It’s my first Christmas season in Prague and I have to tell you this city has never been more charming and delightful than during Christmas. The little markets have open their goods and delicacies to the public and many many people walk around the streets enjoying a delicious trdelnik or some warm wine svarak. Other like me a good cup of cocoa and some treats, while doing a little window shopping.

I want to tell you about this perfect black and white coat I got it a while ago at Tia’s place when I was living in the states there was a Tia’s store very close from my place and every time I walk by there was always something pretty in their window inviting you to go in and eventually find myself going home every single time with a new bag, I even have pieces I got that I haven’t wear them yet, but I will and make sure I post them here. I love this coat because is such a statement piece by itself, it immediately give you a personal touch not matter with what you wear it, I love the texture and the quality of it. I have it for a couple of years now, and has survived squeeze moments in my luggage 🙂 Nothing like leather pants to combine and wear this cold season, maybe everyday? I love how fit they make you look specially in dark colors and just a touch of polish to your look. These boot are from Calvin Klein really love to add a little bit of color to my outfits and these boots and the beanie from Zara do exactly that! My bag is from Kate Spade and it is one of my very favorites design from the brand I have it for a while now but I think is so feminine and chic I love it.

I hope you guys like this look and as always I have some similar items if you wanna get this look in the board below. Have a great week everyone!

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Win free bedding for LIFE

December 2, 2015



Good morning beautiful! I cannot believe that we are one step from jumping into December! yes!! for the Holiday season! I love the Christmas atmosphere and while I write this article I’m waiting for my marvelous cinnamon rolls to be ready while listening to Ella Fitzgerald Christmas collection a classic that never goes out of style. It feels so fantastic to get to spend Sunday at home, specially in a cold day like today. Just cozying up with your favorite music and food, there is nothing like it. I love to embrace the season with the spirit of a new beginning, new possibilities, the hope of a better new year. As many of you I love spending Sundays in bed, reading my favorite magazines, painting my toe nails (guilty) watching my movies or catching up with friends from other parts of the world on Skype; my bedroom is like my sanctuary, that fantastic place where you can relax and rest. That is why I was very excited when  contacted me to tell you about a wonderful competition happening at their website right now! This December, elinens is offering one lucky customer the chance to win free bedding for life yes you are reading correctly FOR LIFE! All you have to do is sign up in the link above and you’ll automatically be participating to win! The prize will come in the form of a yearly £100 voucher to spend on anything from new duvet sets to bath towels. But what else can £100 buy you?

I think this is fantastic opportunity specially for all the amazing products has in store, I’m personally in love of Egyptian sheets and there is nothing better for your skin than using silk pillow cases. I have also post some of the amazing bed sets they carry and that you can win. I hope you can take advantage of this competition as I will! and hopefully you can tell me all about on social media. Have a wonderful day everyone! Xoxo