Last days of Summer

last days of summer
last days of summer
last days of summer
last days of summer
last days of summer

Last days of Summer, if you can call it that (Smile)! This Summer has made us run for our money! and never in my entire life have I checked the weather app so many times. With our outdoor wedding planned by July, I was what you would call a bridezilla all because the one thing I wasn’t able to control was the English weather.

Anyways here we are, post-wedding (which was the most amazing day of my life), and I will show you some pictures and videos once I receive them in about 2-3 months. We are enjoying the bliss of newlywed life, and getting back to our normal routines has felt rather peaceful.

You really wouldn’t believe, after planning a wedding during a pandemic, how much free time you have after all has been done and dusted. There was one weekend (one of the first ones) that I felt very lost, not having to have a video call with a supplier, or shopping for something, or booking appointments. You don’t realise how much of your life goes into wedding planning until you have done it.

With that said, everybody had a great time, which is always the best to hear. The bride didn’t fall walking down the aisle, and most important of all, the rain stopped right before the ceremony started, which meant that we were able to get married outdoors as we wanted.

With our wedding being done, I am hoping to really prioritise a bit more time for the blog. I am enjoying following more local accounts in the Kent area and getting to know other creators here.

I get excited about taking photos again and working with brands that I love. I am looking forward to the content for the holidays and cannot wait to be able to travel internationally again.

Most importantly, I love the idea of reconnecting with you all, either you are an old reader or new. I think about this space a lot and how to keep it relevant, eliminating the concept of “blogging” and transforming that into a platform of beauty. That has always been my intention!

I struggle with the category of being a blogger or someone that people “follows”. I honestly think I have nothing worth “following”, and don’t like when people refer to their readers as their followers. You are my readers, for some mad reason, you read me and like what you see in my social media. I feel honoured for each and every one of you. xx

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