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Beautiful Christmas dinner

Presents for the hostess in your life.

One of the most exciting things about the holidays (prior-Covid) is when you are invited to Christmas parties, dinners or brunch. Oh how much we miss our friends! As exciting as it is to go and enjoy the festivities, there is always that person behind the scenes who has probably been cooking all day, decorating, buying presents and making sure that everyone has a wonderful time.

No matter who that person is, be it your mum, sister, best friend or mother in law! Bless them for taking on the magical responsibility of entertainment! Growing up, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand, the work behind a great hostess, my mum, she would always start the preparation with weeks if not months of anticipation.

I was telling my husband the other day that she used to set up the table days before a big event, and if she was hosting Christmas, she used to make a dinner prior as a test, so weeks before the big event she will cook everything she was planning to cook as a rehearsal lol.

Isn’t it amazing how these things stay with you? Having the table set when you are expecting visitors has become normal for us. When I think about it, I am so excited you are here and the sweetest of welcomes.

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Getting back to our topic, besides showing up there with your cute Christmas outfit and your lovely smile, it is nice to bring something more than that Rioja you found at the Supermarket.

If you are like me, someone who has an extreme necessity to please people :), especially if they are the ones closest to me, you will want to put some thought in and give that amazing person something to “remember you by”. Now, you see, if you bring a lovely dessert that everyone will enjoy that night, of course, is pleasant to do so, but two days later that will be all gone. However, if you choose something special just for this person, then you will make sure that every time she looks at it, she will be thinking of you.

Here are some ideas that would be an excellent present to impress the hostess in your life. If you choose any for your Christmas party, let me know the outcome! Happy holidays xx

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