Withoutlipstick Introduction

Withoutlipstick Introduction

Introducing without lipstick

Introducing without lipstick

Introducing without lipstick



Introducing Without Lipstick

I have decided to take on this amazing experience, to share my work as a graphic designer, my studies in costume design and the other millions of things in my daily life in the multifaceted and Dionysian New York City.

Empowered by Following Your Heart, passion, and dreams. WithoutLipstick is that time of the day where after you have done it all, you are ready to take off your makeup, go into another chapter of the last book you’re reading, put cream on your feet, drink a good wine and write.

I started this blog as a way to create a memoir of those little and big crazy things that move my world, those products, elements, objects, that take my breath away, but also it’s important to realize that in life there are things that make us so happy without even spending a dime on it.

Some of those for me are: rainbows, and of course the moon, and Chopin’s music, the killers; the sand on your feet on the first day of summer, a warm bath, Sunday Volleyball with my friends, an early run, water, sleep and to dream.

I like to think of myself as a drifter of the world. I have a passion for travel, like someone said: “Never go to the same place twice” I must agree with that, but I will also add “unless it´s truly fantastic”

Some days, I have to admit, I have this melancholy allegory called by the most romantics as Nostalgia. It’s on those days when I take my lipstick and shoes off, that I am a writer . I´ve been working on my novel for nine months… will be born soon hopefully.

The rest of the other days I´m a woman, a sister, a daughter and a friend, a roommate, aunt, an eternal student.

Designer by profession, a lover of laughter, old movies, soft candle smells, handwritten letters, wine, new shoes, outrageous earrings, ice tea, warm lemon baths. Chopin, Sinatra, Strummer, Morricone (long list) french music, fresh cold water, peonies, my feet in the sand, a beautiful stranger´s smile in the street, colorful pedicures in summer time, silly umbrellas in winter, fast drive, antiques shop, dogs over cats, Polaroid pictures, homemade pasta (Just like my novel, this list is unfinished).

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