Sandy Storm- Frozen in Fear

Rain in New York

So, last year when hurricane Irene hit us, I run away from the city to Morristown NJ. Well this year I decided to stay in New York, and I have been exposed to seeing my city get hit by the biggest rain I have seen since I moved here. The water hasn’t stopped since last night, but what really makes me jump from my chair is the unbelievable intensity of the wind.

News says that the worst part of the hurricane is expected tonight ( well this is what I wrote on Monday night, minutes before the power went off) today is Saturday and still we don’t have the power back.

I’d been running between friends houses taking showers, getting food and water. I had the chance to see news last night for the first time, and my situation is basically nothing when compared with other people who has lost their love ones and their houses, and everything. It has been a tough week, waiting for everything to comeback to normal, but glad to still be here, safe. And to know that my friends also are.

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