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I hope the year is going well for you. I feel so good writing this post from London, as I wait for my husband to come home from work; to later go on a date night, I can’t help to feel so at peace from the last time I wrote over here. We moved our things from Prague in November and these two months have been such a blast, even though my stuff is everywhere! and there is a room full of boxes; being here feels finally like home.

On December we had a trip to Italy: Milan, Venice and Rome, it was amazing! and I think I mentioned to babe quiet a few times that this was our first trip where we were departing and coming back home together. After being in a long distance relationship for three and a half years and constantly having to say “goodbye” to each other, it was really refreshing to come home.

Later on, we went to Madrid to spend Christmas with our family, it was also such a delightful time, this was our second time in Spain, so it gave us the opportunity to see a couple of museums, as the first time we saw quiet a lot of the city. We spent a whole day at El Prado and another at Reina Sofia’s museum. El Prado was such an experience! and I truly enjoyed it and brought home a small replica of “Las Meninas” by Velasquez to have in our new house.

And now, I am back at home! having done all the necessary paperwork and getting used to my new life here. I know that for some couples this must be very “normal” to be around their spouses all the time, but for us it is really so so special, to wake up next to each other every day! and being able to actually “make weekend plans” I feel like dating my husband all the time! and it’s like it was at the beginning of our relationship.

We are house hunting at the moment and guys looking for your perfect place is no joke! but I will tell you about that in another post. I really want to keep it positive today as I am really excited for this week. I am very excited to have some collaborations coming up in the blog and cannot wait for you to see.

Here are some photos of our bedroom and the second part of our home tour that I never posted! I am so excited to get our new place soon and have to start the decoration process all over again! but knowing this time it will be our permanent home! after living in so many different places during the last ten years, it’s a wonderful feeling to start this adventure with the person you love and finally feel like home.

I tried my best to find similar pieces of our decoration for you guys and you will be able to see them on the post. I hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic week and don’t forget to enter to win a quartz roller by leaving a comment in this post. xx

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