Creating an inspiration board DIY

Creating an inspiration board DIY

Create a DIY Board – Good morning! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. First post of 2018 you guys! My new year has been really full of new projects, long time plans and a big amount of intense changes (all for the best!).  As every new beginning we start thinking about those things in our bucket list, new places we want to visit, new personal, professional projects to improve and millions of other things that are in our mind. For me personally staying inspired is something I search continuously in my daily life. Either in conversations, in music, people, new activities, beauty and the future.

How I create a DIY Board

Staying positive and receiving the new year with a great approach is super important to me. Oh my gosh! I don’t want this to be one of those typical redundant post about life improving and self motivation that you often see around, but I’m a truly believer that whatever you transmit toward others in life, THAT is what you attract to yourself. Attraction that is an important word.  I would like to give you some examples of how to create a DIY Board.

Create a DIY Board cheap

I use to make these “wishing boards” or “dream boards” really often after reading “the secret”  so cliché but so good! and I was telling my friend Lana the other day, I don’t know why I stopped? They are usually so renovating and refreshing, they are great to concentrate ideas, to keep fun quotes you usually hear and forget, to preserve little treasures or fantastic memories that will light up your mood on a random not so great day.

Simple way to create DIY Board at less cost

I bought this super inexpensive rose gold metal frame with clips on,  and I though I might share with you this “Do it yourself” board. It’s a perfect home project for one of this cold Winter days! grab a nice cup of coffee a few old magazines/cards/craft/photos/ products packaging/boxes /stickers, etc. Anything you find beautiful,sizer and let’s get to work.

There are no rules here, I wanted to rearrange a few things for functionality purposes and aesthetic of course! I live in a small apartment and I have always been very conscious about the limited space we have, when I buy anything I ask myself is it going to feet well with the rest of the stuff? do the color scheme match?, do I really need it?

But honestly from all the things you can have access these days, I still find it great when you are able to “create” something with your own hands and that not body else has. I have a Pinterest board for a Home office that I dream having one day, you can check some other boards I have here.

Keeping tidy with my DIY Board

keeping memories on my DIY Board

You can make use of different “themes” if will and make your board according to a specific purpose for example one of my friends just moved to a new house, so all she has on her board are switches with different fabrics, decor ideas, furniture shopping, etc. If you are expecting and wish to travel a lot this year, you could make it with pictures of the places you want to visit, vacation essential products, etc. You can also make or rearrange your inspiration board per season, if its Spring, adding more colorful colors, floral patterns, etc.

my very own DIY Board

The fun part is that you can add or remove items regarding your mood, in all honestly I don’t think mine is 100% done yet, but I like having the space to add other little things here and there in the future. The only tip I will give you is MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL, imagine is this was the reflection of your life and all the beautiful things you want for you, that is the way it should look.

I have added some pretty boards that I found online. I hope you enjoy this post and if you have some boards you have done, let me know so I can get more ideas. Have a fantastic week! and thank you for reading. Xoxo.

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