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Good morning everyone and happy Thanksgiving 2016! What a special day to be back blogging after taking some time off to get some inspiration and focus on work.  Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on Instagram! I read each one of them and they totally make my day.

I hope this post finds you happy and your enjoying Ciber Monday and Thanksgiving.  Today I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my American friends living in Prague, away from their families on this special occasion; as I’m also away from my family I can easily relate, hopefully I’ll soon have my Mum and sister visiting me, I can’t wait!

You know guys, when I was growing up, we didn’t have Thanksgiving in South America, we didn’t have a day to stop and think about the things we have and cherish everyday as they are so “normal” to us. Fortunately enough, I grew up with a Mum who’s sensibility and kindness were a continuous reminder to not take anything  for granted, and I certainly didn’t and don’t to this day.

During the last months, I have been experiencing some very interesting situations around my friends and family that have made me realize how incredibly blessed I have been to get to experience such wonderful things.

In the words of the amazing Sheryl Sandberg, who recently lost her husband:

“Today is a day of thanks – and a good reminder to try to give thanks every day. Dave and I had a family ritual at dinner where we’d go around the table with our kids taking turns sharing our best and worst moment of the day. Worst was optional and best was required. When it became just three of us at the table and I was doing all I could to build our resilience, I added a third – saying what we’re grateful for. Sometimes they’re big things, sometimes they’re something small. Sharing mine helps me keep perspective. Hearing theirs brings me joy and hope”

I thought for today’s post I would start my morning off sharing with you some things I’m thankful for: 

Unchangeable friends: if you follow my Instagram you will know I was recently in Copenhagen in a reunion with some of my girlfriends. We all met in the states six years ago and in one way or another we have kept in touch. The magic of true friends is that it doesn’t matter how much time passes, you will sit down and start talking as tough you saw them yesterday. Same thing with my girlfriends from high school- college and same thing with my new girlfriends. I’m so happy to have them in my life.

Travelling: The more I travel, the more I learn. The more I see the more rich my life gets. I have learnt to invest in memories more and it’s an extraordinary plan I can suggest that all of you should do.

My Job: Blogging, it’s a big part of my life, but it’s a hobby. My full time job has nothing to do with Fashion, but I love it. I have always been attracted to challenges and my job is a big one. I’m extremely proud of it.

Love: As cheesy as it sounds, I love being in love, I love making plans with my boyfriend, the next place we’ll visit, the next restaurant we want to try. I love the way I feel right now at this stage (add butterflies and pink peonies here).

A safe home: The more I read the news everyday the more I feel grateful for my home. It may be my “temporary” home but seeing refugees all around the world makes me feel grateful that I can go home everyday and be safe, that I can walk in the streets and be safe. Living in a country in peace makes me grateful.

Readers: You guys! I’m so thankful for you, for your encouraging comments, for your lovely notes. I don’t like to use the word followers, I honestly don’t think I have anything worth “following”, but you reading this space and following along this journey (that’s called life) makes everything, no matter how long the day was, just so much more rewarding. Big, fat thank you to all of you!

To be so alike my Mother. You know guys, I gotta be honest with you,  I absolutely adore my sister, I have a few, not to say I anything in common with her, except that of course she is my lovely sister. And this has been something that has made me really sad at times, not anymore, but I still get incredibly jealous when I see those sisters shopping together, talking about the same things etc, because I don’t have that with mine. We love each other deeply for sure, and I would do anything for my sister, but we never liked the same things. SO I feel happy that at least I have that with my Mum, we are so alike you guys! we have exactly the same taste, the same thoughts, views of life, care for our loved ones. I am so happy that she is coming to visit me in 2 months. January cannot come soon enough.

The future: We look at this month as something far far away, but what I mean here is that I don’t think I ever saw the future before, with so many expectations. In my 20’s, I used to make all of these plans of things I wanted, and don’t get me wrong, I was always gonna be making plans, but for some reason the near future feels so good right now! I can’t wait for 2017. If you knew this, forgive me, but 7 is my lucky number. I have big hopes for this coming year, and I hope you do too.

La Mer. You have to give me some credit for posting only great intangible things, but I have to give a big shout out to the best face lotion out there. Unless I didn’t say Netflix 🙂

Guys, I hope your Thanksgiving 2016 was as peaceful and lovely as mine. I’m so glad to share this look with you. As always I have put together some similar-products. Happy to have you here. Thank you for reading. Love, and have a great week everyone!.

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