Our drinks mirrored sideboard

mirrored sideboard
mirrored sideboard
mirrored sideboard
mirrored sideboard
mirrored sideboard
mirrored sideboard
mirrored sideboard

When we first got our apartment, we had this pure white wall next to the kitchen sink that opened the discussion if we should add some white shelves and decorate with beautiful glasses and decor items. The other option was to add a sideboard that could help us maintain our multiple bottles (all over the place at the time) in one place.

So after lots of online research (thank goodness for Pinterest!), we decided to go for the second option. We had lovely bottles of Champagne and (married to a Scott) bottles of whiskey we wanted to have in one special place.

I knew I wanted to have at least one piece of furniture in my place that was mirrored. At first, I was considering our side tables in the master bedroom, but later we found a set that matched the bed so well that we chose to take another road.

That led us to this space, and I thought how great it would be to have something with a little bit of glamour in this corner where maybe you can make yourself a gin and tonic at the end of a busy day. Alternatively, you can entertain guests with fun cocktails or just having our wine bottles in one place in the flat.

We went for this one. Now, this is not sponsored! We just like this style. We thought the size was perfect for this wall. I wish the space would have been a bit bigger, and I would have gotten the one with four drawers. 

We use the spacious area at the bottom for all our bottles, wines, champagne, vodka and whiskey. We even have space for our bucket which is big. On the drawers, on top, I like to keep things such as our fabric napkins, extra candles, napkin holders for special occasions and little special things you don’t use on a daily basis.

I like that the drawers have special details, and the crystal style knobs make it even more elegant. The doors at the bottom have a push-in system which makes them easier to open and contain everything tidy. We decorated with designer books and decanter and glassed bottles we have been gifted.

Now we had the drinks tackled and organised the next task was the wall. It took us months to find the right poster. I wanted something more of a statement piece. You see, our place is mainly white and black, which is one of the things we like about it, that you can keep things neutral.

We finally decided on this piece that we found on Etsy. This Cinzano piece, Kinda, give a hint of bar style, which we thought was perfect to be on top of our drinks sideboard.

When I showed it on Instagram, I immediately received so many questions about this piece and you all wanted to know where we bought it. You know, there are so many amazing independent artists in this platform that is a constant go for me to find something unique. This piece did not disappoint and it looks exactly as the pictures showed on the website.

It was sent from the States so we did have to pay a bit of taxes on it but it was totally worth it. They send it on a roll and we framed it here in the UK.

You know, one of the most important things about having your place is to make it your own, organise it according to your needs, make things practical and specially keep things that make you happy and your are pleased to look at.

Whenever we are celebrating or entertaining people, this little corner makes me so happy. I wanted to share it with you in case you are looking for ideas for your own place, especially with the holidays coming up in no time. Make it special, make it your own!

I hope you enjoy this post, and as always, so glad that you stopped by. xoxo

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