Advance Idea of Ari Seth Cohen

Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen

Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen

When I first saw the cover of the book by Ari Seth Cohen Advanced Style, I had a bittersweet memory of my wonderful Grandmother Margaret, who passed away ten years ago, it´s so splendid the work that this photographer/blogger has done, attributing the plasmatic look of ladies over 60´s.

I saw them this morning in today’s show and each one of them were not only beautiful, but also like a piece of art by itself. I became so inspired by them, that I had to write about it, “The elegant and refined Rose believes: if everyone is wearing it, then it´s not for me” and I 100% agree.

I may also have to add one of my Grandmother quotes:

You don´t make style, you are born with it.

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