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I’m so happy with these amazing products that I’m using this Summer, there is nothing like making your skin feel young and fresh! with the hot weather our hair and feet need extreme protection, here are some ideas that FOR ME are working really well. My Coconut feet lotion is absolutely divine, there is also a mint essence from the same label that is terrific too! And the mimosa Hair Honey will keep your hair safe from humidity and will make it shiny and healthy; tip (just used a little amount of it) The Jasmine body bronze will give you the perfect tone and with a wonderful smell. Enjoy and let me know your experience! Cheers and make the best of this Summer!

1. Pink Sprink break Bronce/ Victoria’s Secret

2. Christal Noir Perfume/ Versace

3. Tree Mint Conditioner/ Organix

4. Retinol for wrinkles MAX/ Roc

5. Shine pomade Hairdress/ Carol’s DaugtherĀ 

6.Coconuts foot massage/ Burt’s bees

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