The W New Year’s Eve

The W New Year’s Eve


Happy Christmas everybody! I’m so glad we are getting closer to the end of the year, I can proudly say that I’ve successfully done my Christmas  this year. Dinner was fantastic (You can see pictures of our wonderful turkey preps here).

The weather is fantastic in Santiago and while I write this post sipping my Chai tea latte, I’m craving some simplicity this holiday season. Explanation, we are lovers of Fashion and decor and beauty and as girls we are always filling our hearts and closest with things that makes us happy that makes us feel pretty and live fabulous, and that is a great thing. Sometimes I feel that I really want to simplify certain things, buy less accessories and really enjoy this cup of coffee and be happy just doing that. Listen to a song I like, take a long run trough Parque Araucano (My favorite in Santiago) and just enjoy the simple things that life gives us for free. Especially this holiday season, I found great pleasure in doing the most ridiculous little things, like watching Frozen with my nieces (Yes the “Let it go” song is stuck in my head or should I say Libre soy? version in Spanish) haha or cooking with my Mom, decorating the house for Christmas, or just us driving to the closest sea port for fresh ceviche.

With all of this said, I don’t want you guys to think I’m quitting my passion haha, absolutely not. I just had an epiphany and I wanted to share it. I remember not too long ago reading this article about 100 things you can do that don’t involve any money. I have to say there were some not too interesting ones, but I some made me really think about it. There were things like.
  • watch the sunset with that someone special
  • take a long walk trough a forest
  • take pictures
  • host a dinner party with closest friends
  • go to the beach and get a tan
  • dance!
  • ride a bike (except you must have a bike)
  • watch the stars
  • watch a romantic movie in your backyard.
I found it fascinating! So many things that will fulfill our hearts and don’t involve a penny. As the great Coco Chanel used to say
“The best things in life are for free, the second best ones are very expensive”
And talking about these seconds one, I want to leave you today with a new W List Inspiration board. The W New years eve. Amazing ideas to recreate your home and yourself this holiday season from Champagne to Fashion paper goods, everything you need to think out of the box. I choose yellow since in Chile. There is the tradition that wearing underwear in yellow during Christmas eve, I know funny, you will have the best luck all year long! its’ never good to ignore.
I hope you guys enjoy it, here is where to find everything!
Love, and don’t forget to enjoy the simplest things too and have a happy new years eve!
1. Valentino. Rockstud Patent Sandal yellow.
2. Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore Collection friends social.
3. Byredo Sunday cologne
4. Michael Lo Sordo Baby yellow silk trench coat.
5. Opening Ceremony Haircalf Lyo zip clutch.
6. Assouline The impossible collection of design. The 100 most    influential objects of the Twentieth Century.
7. Kitchen Aid Artisan 5 Qt Stand Mixer.
8. Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label
9. Tiffany & Co. Dazy Ring

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