Beauty care pre Valentine’s

Beauty products latest favorites Beauty products latest favoritesBeauty products latest favoritesBeauty products latest favoritesBeauty products latest favoritesBeauty products latest favoritesBeauty products latest favorites

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite beauty products that I’m using lately added to my all the time got to make-up goodies.

First of all it has been a while that I started using Idealist from Estee Lauder, since I had really bad all traces of old acne (I suffered from acne before) and even with my amazing dermatologist we have done an amazing job about it, I still had these little scars that didn’t like, so since I’m using this serum, my skin is much more clear and illuminated which feels great.

Okay I don’t know what can be better than caviar and gold, seriously! when I found this golden skin caviar face lotion I couldn’t wait to try it! and it’s amazing! I like to apply it right after I wash my face in the morning and before I do my layering (yes I do that) and leaves my skin soft and with the most incredible smell. This one is from Etre Belle Cosmetics.

I have been wearing foundation since a very young age, my excuse? I grew up in South America, so it’s very common to start the makeup session a little bit early, I have used many foundations, but one of my very favorites is this Airflash from DIOR, is an spray foundation that adapts very well to my skin and is very light so practically you feel like not having any.

I got a tell you about this luminous body bronzer, it’s seriously like the best bronzer I have ever had! I’m not the type of person who likes to have many tans, or take a lot of sun at the beach, I actually don’t leave my house without having sun protection, but this PINK Spring break is the best thing! I got it a while ago at Victoria’s Secret and I really hope they still carry it! I apply it with a brush in my legs when I’m wearing a short dress and works wonderful! make sure you apply it with some minutes before you put your clothes on. So the one showing in the pictures is Jasmine Lime (I swear smells like heaven! and makes me feel very sexy) but you can find this one currently at Victoria’s Secret.

Sumptuous Extreme is my go to Mascara, after trying many others, This one truly works for me  (I don’t really curl my eye lashes anymore) by Estee Lauder, find it at Nordstrom.

I’m currently in love with this lipstick it’s so fun and cute!  Hot plum 900 Maybelline

and finally an essence, because we are never complete until that final touch, I like to keep different perfumes in my bed stand, I like to have different smells everyday, I don’t stick with just one, but since is Valentine’s I will probably like to wear something feminine, BODY by Burberry do exactly that!

I hope everybody have a great rest of the week!



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