My makeup routine

makeup routine

the best makeup brush

Hello sweethearts! happy Monday to all of you. I am very excited about today’s post because I have been meaning to have this post about makeup in the blog for a while now.

We all know that we live in a fantastic time for makeup, the brands and products on the market are uncountable and every five minutes it feels like there is a new and better alternative for everything. All of these are fantastic but at the same time a little bit overwhelming.

Today I would like to share that small list of the beauty products I have been using for years now and that I come back to over and over because of their efficiency.

makeup routine

Chanel Le volume mascara (Noir) I am a woman in my 30’s and though I haven’t started feeling any dramatic changes in my body, like I hear from other ladies (fingers crossed) my eyelashes on the other hand have been taking a trip away. I feel like every week I have less and less, so based on this I like to use a product that not only fill them in and make them more appealing, but also a product that provide them with the right nutrients and vitamins to stay in place and grow. Some times people have asked me if I’m wearing eyelashes and the truth is no (I wore fake eyelashes on my civil ceremony pictures only) you will be surprised at how long your lashes look. As a make at home tip to grow your eyelashes, I use a cotton with virgin olive oil before going to bed, several times per month, just as my grandmother used to.

the best makeup brush

Kat Von D Shade + Light contour brush with case.  I am a practical person, or at least I like to think so. I really try to keep my makeup products to a  minimum. When I saw the design of this brush I knew I had to get it. You have both high quality brushes in one product. I use one for contouring and the other one for the brush. I really dislike when I travel and I have to put my beauty products inside a ziploc bag and once I  unpack there is powder everywhere! Well this makeup brush comes in a nice case, ideal for keeping your things neat during travelling.

makeup routine

makeup routine

Estée lauder Serum after the mask if I am at home and I know I am not going out, I apply this serum, particularly focusing under my eyes. This serum really helps with under eye bags and dark circles. I have to say at first I disliked the smell of it but now I have gotten used to it. I use it every night before going to sleep. I love the way my face feels and looks in the morning. I stopped using it for a while to try another night cream, but I came back to it because it’s the only product that diminished wrinkles over night.

makeup routine

Too Faced Natural face palette Oh! I don’t only love the fact of having everything in one single palette (Highlight, blush and bronzing) but oh the colors are so beautiful! The velvety soft formula is infused with hydrating coconut butter which feel, smell and looks amazing.

the best foundation

Estée lauder double wear foundation (Dawn) Trust me in this I have tried MANY foundations since my teenager years. This is what I like the most about these products, It’s 100%  full coverage. I like to wear a foundation that covers my imperfections, otherwise what is the point to even wear foundation, right? I like that it is light and also that it is a foundation that stays on, meaning you won’t be putting it over your boyfriend every time your kiss him (happened in the past) or your baby if you are a Mum. I am an early starter, I start my day at 5 am and I am in the office until 6 pm and my make up stays pretty much the same. Win!

makeup routine

Mac powder I have oily skin only in my T zone area. It happens during the day, so if I am only using foundation, I will get a shiny nose around noon which really frustrates me. The solution was given to me by a lovely girl at the airport on one of my trips to London. A few touches of this marvelous powder and voila! you are ready to face the day.

beauty routine

LUSH Mask of magnaminty There is nothing I like most after a long, tiring day than coming home, take off my bra (you know we do that) remove my makeup with these wipes and apply this face mask for 15 minutes. I have slight signs of Acne from my teenager years and this mask has really helped me with that. It’s very fresh with a mint essence and also contains honey which soothes your skin leaving it clean and soft.

Illamasqua lipsticks I get asked all the time which color and type is my lipstick, especially during Summer. Illamasqua is and will always be my favorite brand when it comes to lipstick. I absolutely love the texture and pigmentation of these lipsticks, they are so bright and fun! Always makes me feel young. My favorite tones are: flare (gorgeous orange) plunge (my ultimate fun pink summer lipstick) and nebula.

makeup routine

the best mascara

I have added all of these great products below, if you have any favorites that you constantly come back to, Let me know! I hope you guys enjoy this post and thank you for reading. xoxo

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