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Happy Valentine’s everybody! the day of L o v e is here and as I write this I hope you are having the best day, either you are spoiling yourself today or cuddling you special one it’s all bout celebrating the love we feel for ourselves and other. I don’t usually post pictures in black and white, I seriously think this is my first post ever in black and white but these pictures where so old movie and since Valentine’s is all about romance, I thought this will make this post a little bit more like that. My feeling are mixed up today, from one part I feel so happy to be with an amazing, handsome man in my life, but so sad that we can’t be together during this day, if you have ever been in a long distance relationship you know how difficult it’s to be apart for special occasions like this one. Fortunately he is the sweeties and besides sending me the most beautiful bouquet of white roses, champagne and chocolates, he also wrote a note with a quote from my favorites poets, Neruda. so romantic! and before I sit down in front of Skype to celebrate a virtual Valentine’s day, I want to leave you with this cute hair style that I really like, and a few of my favorites beauty products for your hair and make up. Since dying my hair, I have tried to be very consistent in my beauty care, I have always loved Oribe products because of their quality and why not to say it they smell fantastic!! I hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful and lovely valentine’s day. Xo

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