Valentines day for a diva

Valentines day for a diva

Good morning girls! Happy Wednesday and soon to be happy Valentines Day! This week is going by so fast! and I can’t believe Valentines day is actually this Sunday! (add a little screaming noise here). I really need to get to the mail office today. For the last three days I’ve been thinking about creating a board of present ideas for this lovely day, and finally I realized that many of my followers may or may not be in a relationship this year, Yay for those ones that are! and also yay for Valentines day.

I was single for many Valentines days before and I know how this day is for you when everybody else around you are inside this pink bubble and you just can’t wait for February 15th to come. This year I have a boyfriend who happens to be in Scotland and we cannot be together during Valentines day (sad face), so I thought why not make it a day to celebrate yourself, your single gals, you Bffs!! After all, your first love should always always be you!

I have put together some fabulous items to spoil yourself with this day and celebrate the diva inside! I absolutely adore every single item in this board, and I would be incredibly happy to get any of these as presents. From sexy lingerie, great lipstick, Diptyque essence (seriously how cute is this limited edition!) and those Sophia Webster heels! to die for!

Make the best out of this day with these lovely products, and why not spoil your best friends too!

I will probably be having champagne this Sunday and wishing to be with the boyfriend. I hope you guys have a fabulous Valentines Day and please let me know how your are celebrating whether you are in a relationship or not. Happy Valentines Day everyone! xoxo

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