6 little luxuries

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Good morning everyone! Another week starts and I’m feeling incredibly excited about the longer days and February the month of L O V E. (even though I won’t be spending valentine’s day with boy friend) it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little pre-valentine prep right? See my post from last year’s valentine prep here. I’m always happy to come back to this little space of mine and have the chance to connect with so many amazing girls from all over the world. It’s so nice to receive your messages everyday either here or social media, and your support means the world! For me it’s all about founding affordable options to light up your closet and why not to say it, your life! I really like a good discount, free shipping and the extra gift, but some times you also need a little bit of glamour in your everyday life, and today’s post is all about about that! I want to share with you six little luxuries that work for me, and that won’t necessary break the bank.

Fashion magazines – It’s amazing how they can light up your spirit not matter how bad your day is going, need to take a break from work or anything? grab a good Fashion magazine and a good cup of coffee and feel automatically better. You will always found a good tip for your wardrobe, inspiration , a good article, etc. If you are not that crazy a about fashion try a good decor magazine.

Dior Nude nail polish – This one is by far one of my exclusive favorites nails polish of all times, it’s like Chanel number 5 in nail polish, it’s classic, elegant and the greatest investment you can do for your hands.

Diptyque Candles – Okay hear me out here while I try to convince you into spending $60.00 in a candle. These candles are not only lasting but the essence are fantastic, they will make your home smell amazing while they long, plus the design it’s so chic that you can re use them after the wax is gone, as beautiful make up containers, you don’t believe me? please take a look at this stylish look and D.I.Y project to keep you diptique for ever.

YSL Mascara – I don’t know about you but I have a battle with myself regarding fake eyelashes (If you have made up your mind about it, please share your experience with me) I love having gorgeous eyelashes and this mascara is the one that works best for me, I know it’t an investment but I adore the easy way my eyelashes curl.

Tech with style – This one is for the working woman on the move, I know that there are many expensive items you need for your work but this little USB pen drive can’t be more stylish and useful at the same time. Stand up in any meeting.

Lancome shimmery eyes – I love this eye sparkle, it adds a little bit of glamour to every make up.

And finally if you aloud me to add just one more thing to these selection of little luxuries I will suggest you to get some truffles, delicious and an instant touch of elegance to every meeting.

I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday. Don’t forget to write me if you have any other suggestions for this list. Xo

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