Nespresso and sweets

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The happiest of Fridays for you! so excited for the weekend and indoor volleyball. I while ago I share some pictures with this look  furry coat and Calvin Klein ankle booties, what I didn’t mention then was my weakness for European sweets and treat. I usually try to cut as much sugar as I can from my regular diet and I feel like I don’t need it for coffee or tea since many year now. But since I moved to Europe (last April) I have found myself walking around this beautiful city and discovering the most adorable little cafes, and sometimes specially with this incredibly low temperatures I feel like indulging myself in a little something, don’t even get me started with the croissant! I feel like a little girl in this pictures looking a the candy store. Awe memories.

So I want to share with you my favorites places in Prague. In my previous post I talked to you about Cafe cafe for a good Nespresso and today I want to share my favorite bakery Bake Shop close to Old town Square ever since I got my Birthday cake there see it here I have been absolutely hooked up with this place and I’m glad I get to share some pictures of it here today.

For me there is not other better way to re charge than take a break, grab a magazine and enjoy a good Nespresso and sweets, nothing like taking some time to be with YOURSELF maybe something to try this weekend? if you add to that a good chocolate croissant or a chocolate cheap brownie, just wonderful and don’t worry you will have the whole week to lose those calories.

The other way to feel inspire besides the magazine outlook is for me to go window shopping, it’s such a fresh new star specially when we are talking about changing of seasons, love to see the new collections and decor of the windows.

I hope you get to enjoy a little me time this weekend, it’s always good for your soul! if you can’t do any of this things for missing time, kids and family affairs, try a long bath. Let me know any other ways and ideas you use for re charge and keep feeling inspired. Have a great weekend everybody!! xo.


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  1. February 2, 2016 / 07:36

    Beautiful photos! If you like to indulge , especially sweet things, but don’t want to feel too guilty try Booja-booja chocolates (sorry if you already know about them!). They are just divine and hits the spot together with good coffee 🙂 xx

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