Nespresso and sweets

Nespresso and sweets





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The happiest of Fridays to you! So excited for the weekend and indoor volleyball. A while ago I shared some pictures with this fury coat and Calvin Klein Ankle Booties, what I didn’t mention then was my weakness for European sweets and treats. I usually try to cut as much sugar as I can from my regular diet and I feel like I don’t need it for coffee or tea for many years now. But since I moved to Europe (last April), I have found myself walking around this beautiful city and discovering the most adorable little cafes, and sometimes especially with the incredibly low temperatures, I feel like indulging myself in a little something, don’t even get me started with the croissants! I feel like a little girl in this pictures looking at the candy store. Awe memories.

So I want to share with you my favorites places in Prague. In my previous post I talked to you about Cafe Cafe for a good Nespresso and today I want to share my favorite bakery Bake Shop close to Old Town Square ever since I got my Birthday cake there, see it here. I have been absolutely hooked on this place and I’m glad I get to share some pictures of it here today.

For me there is no better way to recharge than take a break, grab a magazine and enjoy a good Nespresso and sweets, nothing like taking some time to be with YOURSELF. Maybe something to try this weekend? If you add to that a good chocolate croissant or a chocolate chip brownie, just wonderful and don’t worry you will have the whole week to lose those calories.

As much as I enjoy my Nespresso and sweets, the other way to feel inspired besides the magazine, is for me to go window shopping, it’s such a fresh new start especially when we are talking about changing of seasons, love to see the new collections and decor of the windows.

I hope you get to enjoy a little me time this weekend, it’s always good for your soul! If you can’t do any of these things for missing time, kids and family affairs, try a long bath. Let me know any other ways and ideas you use to recharge and keep feeling inspired. Have a great weekend everybody!! xo.


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  1. February 2, 2016 / 07:36

    Beautiful photos! If you like to indulge , especially sweet things, but don’t want to feel too guilty try Booja-booja chocolates (sorry if you already know about them!). They are just divine and hits the spot together with good coffee 🙂 xx

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