Birthday girl

Birthday girl



Happy Monday guys! November has arrived and with it the leaves and the pies, but also my birthday, yes I’m the birthday girl. I cannot believe how fast this last year went, from moving to Prague to so many new changes in my life. I celebrated my birthday this past weekend with friends and it was incredibly fun. For this year I wanted to do something special, so I will give you all the wisdom I know, don’t worry it will take like five minutes lol. Seriously these are my 33 lessons I learned during my 33 years. and I hope they can be useful for you, also if you have other essential and important things you have learn or products you would like me to try please let me know in the comments below.

1. Drink tones of water: You may probably hear a lot about this one these days, but I’m telling you it’s such an important habit to cultivate, and once you get used to it, is like you body requested and  it’s so good for your skin, for feeling energized and fresh. I regularly try to consume at least 2 lt. of water every day.

2. Sleep well invest in a good matters, soft sheets Egyptians are my favorites a fantastic pillow. Go to bed early, when you can, sleep well, I’m telling you it’s the easiest way to delete those dark circles under your eyes, and most importantly start your day fresh and stay put during it.

3. Talk to older people Oh my gosh I mentioned this to one of my friends and she was like “You gotta be kidding me, that sounds so boring” really you guys older people have so much to tell, and they are always up to share some wisdom with the rest. (They always dedicate their time) I love to ask questions and talk to them because I always feel like I learn something I didn’t know before. If you don’t know what to talk about, one of my favorites is how you and your husband/wife met? and the conversation will not stop.

4. Appreciate your heritage I have met so many people in my life that sometimes you can’t tell where they are really from originally, because they just pretend to be something that they are really not. I was born in Chile and I can’t feel more grateful for have had such an amazing childhood and being a Chilean is something I feel has help me to re create and see the world differently, yes I lived in USA for many years, and now I’m living in Europe and I have loved every stage of my life, but I’ll always comeback to my years in my little town in Chile and remember those days with so much love and respect. They have made me the woman I’m today.

5. Dance your heart out I recently saw a very cute quote that said: ” Trust me you can dance, vodka” lol it made me laugh, I know so many people that feel like, ugh dancing is not really for me, and I gotta tell you I feel so sorry for them because it doesn’t matter if you take salsa classes, or if you do it in your living room, but letting you go crazy to the rhythm of your favorite tunes, there is nothing like it.

6. Fear is a lie When I first decided to travel by myself I was 18 years old, and I remember being at the bank, and the lady watching my finances said to me: Are you not afraid to go there by yourself? and I said to her exactly what I’m telling you here: fear is a lie, is what coward people tell the rest so nobody does what they really want to do. Honestly what is scary to me it may not be for you, and vice versa. You have to go and see by yourself, I have tried many different things in my life and sometimes I have felt really afraid, but you know what? when I look back at those moments I’m like I can’t believe I was so afraid to do that, because at the end it turn out to be an amazing experience for me. in Spanish we have a quote that says: Whoever is afraid of the water won’t cross the river. So don’t be afraid of the water, amazing things wait for you on the other side of the river.

7. Don’t believe in luck believe in blessings I believe that the way you approach life is the way things are gonna turn out to be for you, I believe attitude matters and that staying positive is essential to cultivate a heathy mind.

8. Identify the essentials, eliminate the rest This is one that really has become like my motto lately, during my twenties I used to buy every single fashion piece that caught my eyes, I used to have so many accessories that I couldn’t organized at all. But this doesn’t only applied to fashion, it also applies to people, to your home, and your life in general. Now that I’m in my thirties everything became simpler, you know which brands work best for you, you know your favorite perfume you have a better understanding of your finances as well.

9. Vaseline solves many problems: Trust me in this one and always make sure you have one of this at your home or bathroom because I’m telling you it will help you in so many different ways, when your hands are dry during winter time, for hair massage, for knees and a long etc.

10. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again: Oh boy this is a very tricky one to explain, if you are in anyway like me, and you found yourself with an unlimited number of first dates under your belt, with the same deception over and over again, then you might be able to understand why so many women are afraid to even begin to trust in love again. I’m fortunate enough to have the most amazing boyfriend, who happen to appear in my life when I least expected, and I’m telling you love will happen when you least expect it, when you are making plans to find it by yourself in the next 3 years. And when that moment happen, you’ll know and you will have not doubts like the times before, and you’ll be ready to fall in love again.

11. Surround yourself with the best people you can find this one also has to do with the previous one about identifying the essentials. I have known people that are amazing and I have met people that are terrible, I’m very strict with the people I hang out with, yes you can say I’m choosy and I’m, because I believe life is too short to surround yourself with bad influences, you should always be around people that make you feel good about yourself, people that loves you, that support you, I honestly don’t waist any minutes for the wrong people. And I don’t mind to have five or less closest friends as soon as they are incredible (they are) and made me happy.

12. Dress for yourself, not for other people During my younger years, specially growing up in South America, I always felt the pressure to pleased everybody regarding my clothing and makeup and even speaking my mind and opinions about certain matters. With age I’m much more conscious about the little pleasure and one of those is having the right to decide what do you want to wear, and what makes you feel good, so yes to pretty colored lipsticks and yes to sparkles and yes to everything that makes you happy.

13. Be grateful Some people say it’s the beginning of a happy life.

14. Go local (support local business) Yes I love Starbucks and yes I love having a free drink for my birthday and a re fill of passion iced tea during summer time, but you know what else I love? I love to practice my Czech and go to Bistro 8, and talk to my girl and orders chai tea latte that is made with so much care, and cost half of Starbucks and the best part I’m helping grow a small business owner.

15. Have courage and be kind yes that is right this are Cinderella’s mother words, but what a nice motto to have in life. Remember everything you do returns to you.

16. Improve your cooking: You don’t have to be a professional chef, you might hate anything close to the word oven, but to know one or two recipes to impress really is like all you need. In my case I love cooking, and I found it much more convenient to plan ahead my meals and being able to know exactly what I’m eating. If you are planning to save some money, by local and cook at home, you will notice a big difference.

17. Take time for being with yourself When was the last time you took yourself out for dinner, or shopping, or had a fabulous spa weekend? sometimes all you need is to go for a walk, breath and clear your mind. I love taking a magazine and grab a cup of coffee and being with myself.

18. Travel as much as you can This is one that I think I will never get tired off, There is such a lot of world to see, Audrey said and it’s so true. My journey is about to begin.

19. Find reasons to celebrate life It doesn’t matter if it’s Friday evening and you are just opening a bottle of wine and drinking with your girls, enjoy your time, you will never be younger than today, that is enough reason for me to celebrate.

20. Diet I swear by tones of green tea and green apples. Also find any kind of work out that is ideal for you, I like running it helps to clear my mind. Find something that you enjoy doing, hiking, tents or even Zumba anything that helps you feel ever while having fun doing it.

21. Trust the time of your life. I have some high school classmates that have 12 years old kids. If it worked for them that is great, me in the other hand I always knew that Motherhood will no come early, because there were these one hundred things I wanted and I want to do prior.

22. Learn a new language: Charlemagne said: “To have another language is to possess another soul” If somebody would have ever told me that someday I’ll be taking Czech classes I would have been like what??? but here I’m and loving it.

23. Nobody is too poor for not deserve a smile. A simple smile goes a long way. if you can provide with the coin even better. I read of somebody recently who used to give homeless people every single coin left from her trips before she leaved the country. I’m looking forward to do exactly that next time.

24. Never stop dreaming  You hear it a lot these days, and you see it a lot in pretty quotes in Pinterest. I believe the day I stop dreaming is gonna be the day I died. I always plan new things, travels, things I want for this blog, future plans (I really want that French bulldog) and dreaming about those things make me feel like I’m getting closer and closer, and you should do the same.


  1. November 26, 2015 / 15:34

    I love all of the things you mention here, lots of great advice! You are a lovely bday girl! xx,

  2. January 8, 2016 / 06:57

    Many thanks for sharing this first-class post. Very inspiring!

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