Estee Lauder giveaway

Estee Lauder giveaway

estee lauder giveaway

estee lauder giveaway

estee lauder giveaway

estee lauder giveaway

ESTEE LAUDER GIVEAWAY.  Hello everyone! I’m happy to be back! I have had the worst cold eva! This last week was awful, staying in bed was my favorite part, but I’m glad to be back! And very excited to be hosting this cosmetics GIVEAWAY! from Estee Lauder South America. I have been using this brand for quite some time now, and my favorite product is Idealist, to even the skin tone, it’s really fabulous and helpful diminishing old traces of acne, which I had, I also wear the mascara as you know! You can find some of my favorite Estee Lauder products in the link below.

This beautiful giveaway will run until Sunday March 29th and the only winner will be announced on Monday 30th. This consists of a lovely set of Pure color eye shadow Ombre with a beautiful palette with twelve different blushes to try. It also includes three colors of long lasting lipstick, they all come inside a beautiful golden satchel.

I want you to feel pretty this change of season, and I want you to try difference things, makeup is just one of them, so I will make this very simple and easy for you all! This is a worldwide event, so make sure you apply soon. To participate you have to make sure you follow all Withoutlipstick’s social media, that includes: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest and very important BLOGLOVIN (you can find all these links at the right side of the blog) and you will answer this question: WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL THE MOST? The most beautiful answer, wins!

I hope you guys enjoy the challenge and can’t wait to read your answers!!! Thank you Estee Lauder South America, for sponsoring this post and giveaway.


  1. Paulina Rios
    March 25, 2015 / 22:54

    Hi! Not if respond in English or Spanish so I’ll do both ! haha a while ago I found you on twitter and how you were a time like Chile and I started to follow your blog 🙂 .I start my native language…(followed in twitter:@Pepirios) / IG: @pepitarios/ Bloglovin: paulinarios5 / Pinterest: @pepirios/facebook:Paulina Rios)
    WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL THE MOST? : puede ser que lo primero sue pense fue: cuando me compro un vestido que me queda bello, o un labial que hace parecer a mis labios unos “Angeline Jolie” , pero debo decir que me siento hermosa cuando me siento poderosa, luchadora, cuando sigo mis sueños, en esos momentos me siento hermosa! Y ademas siempre funciona colocarse unos tacos hermosos..vestirse con tu tenida favorita y salir a disfrutar la vida, que mejor que ser una persona feliz…ser feliz embellece /// can be the first thing I thought was , when I buy a dress that left me beautiful, or a lip that makes it look to my lips a Angeline Jolie, but I must say I feel beautiful when I feel strong , feisty , when I follow my dreams, in those moments I feel beautiful ! And it always works placed tacos hermosos..vestirse a favorite and taken out to enjoy life, you better be a happy, be happy embellishes

  2. Mae
    March 30, 2015 / 00:22

    Success makes me feel beautiful! I love being creative with my work(and makeup!) and creating something that I truly enjoy and love as a result. I love speading beauty and happiness to my friends and family as well. Also when foundation matches my skin tone perfectly, that is just beautiful in its own right haha!! Your blog makes me feel beautiful too because you inspire me to be more beautiful inside and out with your skincare, makeup, and outfit inspiration!!

    I really hope I win I would love to win this makeup by Estee Lauder. I have followed you on all the social media websites and my email is

  3. March 30, 2015 / 14:15

    Thank you guys for your responses. Thank you for following along! this time the winner is Paulina Rios. (Please write me a line to my e-mail address with your address ) I will make sure you receive this gorgeous present at your door. Please stay tuned, since I have more giveaways coming this and next week in the blog.

    Thank you! and have a lovely week!

    • Paulina Rios
      March 30, 2015 / 17:51

      Thanks!! Now I will send you my address and keep alert to your blog!

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