Santiago Chile Traveling

Santiago Chile Traveling










A stunning day in Santiago city (that is what some people call it here) with  fantastic weather and plenty of sunshine. I had a little stroll through the streets of Providencia neighborhood and had the pleasure to find a couple of art exhibits that were pretty interesting. I gotta tell you that although I absolutely adore high heels, when I’m planing to take a long walk I feel like wearing heels will be absolute murder for my feet, so I try to stay comfy specially if it’s hot outside.

These gold metallic espadrilles from Prune (an Argentinian brand sold in Chile) are just the most comfortable ones ever! I can seriously walk in these all day long. I like to also wear comfortable fabrics when the sun is burning outside, and this fabulous sweet dress keeps me dry and soft, add to that the little embroidery details that is so feminine and cute. I got this one in Ripley (that is a mega store like Macy’s) but I have put some similar ones in the board below so you can get this comfortable look for your next vacation.

A hat is a must! in the heat I like to protect myself as much as I can from sun damage, (I’m a sunscreen freak) so a hat is not just an accessory but also a protection. This panama hat, one of my favorite styles, is from J.Crew and you can also found it ShopStyle as well.

When I travel I love to manage my finances in one place and just carry “The card” with me, I found useful to carry my Wellsfargo Visa card for shopping big and small, and that way have all my expenses in one single form, from lemonade to fashion goods, my cards travels with me.

I hope you guys like it, and don’t forget to follow along my adventures in Instagram Xoxo.

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