Packing for a weekend away

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Good morning everyone! and happy monday. As Summer stars fading away, I thought it will be the perfect time to take advantage of the last weeks of it, before my vacation officially ends, so I’m planning to take a short weekend away. Today I want to share with you my essentials while traveling and packing for a weekend away As a fashionista I always tend to overpack (always) so one of my ways to minimize this is for example to pack one white bikini bottom and multiple tops. I found this very cute one in sale in H&M and I’m mixing it up with some tops from Hollister Gilly Hicks they are the cutest in pink and blue, nothing gives me more of that California vibe than this brand does. I also like to pack some casual jeans, that you can wear in the evenings in it gets chilly, this ones are a classic from Gap, and I love the fit and how well they go with a simple t-shirt or a more formal blouse, I wore them here as well.

Lately I have been very into body oils, I really love that particular glow that oils give to your skin, and you can achieve that with regular body lotions. I found this Garnier body oil that smells so delicious, seriously after using it I don’t even need perfume, it’s so good! and dries out super fast without that sticky feeling that some oils have. I’m as many of you know a sun screen freak! so for more than I love a good tan, I won’t sacrifice my skiing heath for anything, solution? I have been putting on this bronze every Summer since about three years ago, it’s from Victoria’s secret and is absolutely fabulous, the tone is perfect and you don’t have to give out your sunscreen protection. Eos lips is great while being outside keeps you lips hydrated and beautiful. I always make sure I pack some fun nail polish fun colors for summer, and you don’t wanna run out of shaving cream and razors, especially if you are traveling with friends, there is always someone to forget to bring some, and you can save the day.

There is nothing like laid down in the beach, and order a pina colada while reading a good book, I’m a girly girl, and most of the books I read are about powerful women that inspire me, I’m currently reading this amazing book by the fabulous Helen Gurley Brown the iconic editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. and I think is a must read for every girl. I don’t think this book will never go out of style.

Finally about make up, I like to pack something feminine and lovely I really love this tone eye shadow from Illamasqua. I’m a big fan of the cosmetic brand and this one is one of my go to during sumer. Also a little sparkle for those fun, romantic nights at the beach is this fantastic eye shadow from Lancome. I hope you guys like this products and I have put similar ones in the board below for you to try. Have a great week! Xoxo


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