Throwback Thursday New York City first visit.

Throwback Thursday New York City first visit.











New York City first visit

You know, when you think about it, to live in the era we live is truly a fantastic thing. I’m continuously adjusting to new apps and new Social networks in this non stop technology world. But when moments like this come by, when I casually find an old camera and pictures like these ones appear, I can’t stop giving thanks and being appreciative for living in a time where memories like this can be kept safe, and we can comeback for them anytime.

Do you remember your first time visiting New York City? When you had an idea of how the city was supposed to look, feel, etc. And than you realized that all that was just so naive because New York was-is so much more wonderful than that.

These pictures are from the first time I visited NYC, (They were promoting Sex & The City first movie) haha. I was living at that moment in Philadelphia where I met my friend Dina. Dina, her sister Jenna and I, decided to take a weekend in the big apple, you know just partying and shopping (two of my favorites things by the way) We hung out at Times Square getting chocolate at the M&M Store and do all the things tourists do. I couldn’t have imagined at that time how much I will get to hate Times Square crowd years later while living there. It’s funny how things work.

I remember the weather was cruelly cold, but we were there to dance! So there were the three of us leaving the comfort of Paramount Hotel for the line at Gansevoort, in the meat packing district for the first time. What memories! I love that picture of our hotel next morning lol and our first ever taxi drive, I can still remember our chat with the driver who was playing a little game to find out where we were from, to finally declare that the most beautiful women in the world were definitely Colombians. haha.

I hope you guys like this post and can tell me some of your stories. Happy TBT.

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