What to wear to a work meeting

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Either is an interview for a new job/ project or is a work meeting (most of my meeting are set in coffee shops) Please for amazing tips about having an awesome coffee meeting read this article by 99U.  There is not other piece of clothing that makes me feel more empowered, kick ass, and “who runs the world?” type than the jumpsuit, specially a black one. I will recommend any girl who wants to be taken seriously in the world space, to have one in her closet. For me it works in a way that makes me feel powerful therefore you transmit that attitude and gives you the confidence to confront any situation.

I got mine a while ago, and it has been a fabulous investment, since I have comeback to wear it over and over again. This one is from Rag&Bone but you can shop the many options at the end of this post. If it’s a first time interview, and you are expecting to get hired, I will recommend to accessorize it with a nice watch, that helps you to stay focus and look professional and responsible. Mine is Michael Kors, and if you are looking to make an impression I will use a remarkable and rememberable accessory piece, in this case I’m wearing vintage Chanel earrings, an statement piece I will not regularly wear, but if I really want my employer to appreciate my sense of style and taste, I would probably go with it! my sandals are ZARA from an older collection, similar model here.

Regarding your make up, keep it clean and simple. I love nude colors, this honolulu honey by Nars works wonderful and curly eye lashes I use Estee Lauder Sumptuos extreme (and I don’t need to deviously curl my eyelashes) and finally the final but extremely important touch, do not forget your perfume! I have different brands, but I really like for this particular ovation one that makes me feel secure and strong, I use Burberry BODY. Now go there, be fabulous! Xoxo.


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