Ten links I love

Ten links I love

Ten links I love

Ten links I loveTen links I love

Ten links I loveTen links I love



Happy Tuesday everybody! I hope you ladies are having a great start to the week! I’m so excited to introduce this new category in my blog. I’m always asked between my friends where they can get certain help with things that are happening in their lives, hosting parties, recipes, healthy tips, etc. I’m known for being a great gift giver, and my goal is to share with you all of you things that makes me feel inspired, and feel my heart with happiness every day. So from this week on I’ll be sharing with all of you ten links I love that are happening in decor, fashion, food, travels, DIY and many many more. Some of these may be things I want to try myself, buy, or recreate, no matter what the purpose is motivate you to check them out as well, ten links I love will be weekly in the blog. Just click on the images of your preferences to take you to the link.

1. To start I want to tell you about Elle’s magazine new Tumblr account, a must follow for the latest in fashion, the pictures are so so beautiful, that I just spend 15 minutes reading them.

2. I recently read this interview done by Allure to the fantastic Jessica Alba, Jessica is one of those go get it girls. I love the fact that she has been able to build a successful career, beautiful family and sustainable company from the ground without losing herself in the way, and managing to always look extremely gorgeous and with that having the hell of a fun attitude. The pictures are stunning.

3. This website is the S#@% Can you imagine having it delivered to your doorstep ready to enjoy cocktails? Isn’t it like a dream come true?

4. A little gift, follow the contest to win this beautiful agenda, you also have other designs to choose from.

5. How adorable are these printed little boxes for your next party, find the template to print in the link and make your table and take out more fun and beauty.

6. My favorites dogs in the whole universe are bulldogs, (I’ll have one of those one day). For now, seeing pictures of them makes me so happy, here is a link to see many pictures of puppies to lighten up your day.

7. These fine walls, is an incredible website with original photography, at different sizes. This print is one of my favorites.

8. This iPhone case just stole my heart, so simple yet so chic. And how good it feels to support enterpreneurs in Etsy.

9. Looking forward to adding this book to my reading list. If any of you guys already did, I’ll really appreciate some comments.

10. Major crush on the images of the precious kitchen, please take a look at it!

I hope you guys like these links and if you run a business and want us to check out your website, send me your info! have a great day everybody! Xoxo


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