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Happy Friyay lovers! the week is finally o v e r  and can’t wait to enjoy the weekend! specially when temperatures are a little lower in Prague which feels fantastic. so excited about the weeks a head, since Fashion week starts at the end of the month, and I can’t wait to show you about that! but first casual friday look.

Today I want to post some pictures I did during my last trip to beautiful Chile, I had so much fun working on this photo shoot at the Aeronautics Museum in Santiago Chile. What I love about this outfit is the fun combination between comfy with a little bit of sexy. In a world of jeans sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right one for you, so I was lucky enough to find this incredible ones from Foster with an amazing fit and comfortable texture, this jeans are perfect also to be used with flats or even flip flops for Summer, but here also work heavens with pumps, especially if they are pumps as gorgeous as this ones, don’t you think?

Every time I travel I like to get to know local designers and brands, I like to get a closer sense of what style means for women around the globe, and amazes me how sometimes you find exactly the same taste that you have in people there and other times you see pieces from a different perspective.

While I was there, I got some tees from Jazmin Chebar an Argentinian boutique in mall Parque Arauco. I really like the interior design of the store, and the curated pieces the had at the moment.

I have put several pieces below for you to get this look, I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! Xoxo.



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