The perfect black leather jacket

leatherAs Summer is realistically coming to an end, we start thinking and reorganizing our wardrobe. Last Sunday I put some bikinis away and readjust some new pieces in my closet that I know I will be needing in the coming weeks. With time my shopping decision have transform is smarter choices, or at least I like to think that! while in my twenties, I used to shop by impulse and get everything that just pop up, without even thinking how I would combine it with, now my decisions about shopping have evolve to be more according to mix pieces that I already have and improve them with new items. While thinking about this new philosophy of shopping, you get to wear more of your clothes, and take advantage of your investment, as I always say shopping is a big investment. I prefer better fabrics, cuts and designers fit, something perhaps I didn’t appreciated much during my early years.

One of the next big purchases I have been thinking lately is about the perfect black leather jacket, I think I have a couple of dresses that will look marvelous at combine them with one, and who doesn’t love those casual jeans with the grey shirt with the casual black leather jacket, of course with so many options in the market it’s difficult to choose, so I have put together this board with many options I have found in my Pinterest, if you are not a follower, I totally encourage you to join the tribe. I really love the thousands of options you can get away with just one item, I think it’s for sure a must have during this exchange of season. I hope you guys enjoy this post, and have a fantastic rest of the week! Xoxo

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