The Chic street style of Elle Macpherson

Elle Mcpherson Street Style

Elle Mcpherson at Maison Launch


Elle Mcpherson in Yellow

Elle Mcpherson

Elle Mcpherson Pink

Of course we have all seeing her looking spectacular on the red carpet, magazines and the big screen, but it’s actually Elle Macpherson’s  casual chic  street style that actually captured us this week to choose her as our favorite.

We are in love of the way she has to make her outfits not only look comfortable but also fun., she is very clever about the use of accessories so she never looks overload.  When we see her different looks she makes us feel like she is having a great time, as somebody said “your smile is your greatest accessory.”

Recently she post this pic on her Twitter account where she looks absolutely stunning! and we all run to get The super Elixir a formidable supplement by Elle that promise to give us all nutrients and vitamins our bodies need. I’m crossing fingers for this while I wait at the door for it. Xoxo

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