Autumn with Ralph Lauren

Autumn with Ralph Lauren


Autumn with Ralph Lauren

Autumn with Ralph Lauren

Autumn with Ralph Lauren

Autumn with Ralph Lauren









Autumn with Ralph Lauren

Good morning and hello from Prague. I gotta tell you this city is starting to look so so beautiful during fall, that makes me want to draw it or paint it every time I go outside! Fall is officially here, and today I wanna tell you about my favorite brand to wear during this lovely season and that is definitely Ralph Lauren, I believe the brand concentrate such a unique pieces in these collections that always reminds me of our winter breaks while growing up in the country side in South America, my parents used to take us for long walks to see the horses and pick up leaves to do arts and crafts later with my sis. There was something in the chilly Autumn air on the Chilean coast, and the lovely smell of cinnamon, that is why I still like to play with leaves as you see in these pictures. My beautiful Mum used to wear boots and plaid skirts with a signature red lipstick; I will always lose one of the gloves on the way back home.

Ralph Lauren brings back all those memories and the tones of fall, from wallet to hats. I love these leather pants, they keep you warm while still looking stylish, combined with a plaid shirt is basically like a fall uniform for me; I absolutely love these cut off gloves I think they add such a statement to this look, and my shoulder bag is the perfect size to take it for long, relaxing walks without that extra weight. My friend Emily gave me this pair of shoes before she moved back to the states and they worked perfect complementing this look.

As always I have put together some of my favorite Ralph Lauren pieces and similar others to this look in the board below. Have a great week everyone! Xoxo.

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  1. Josh
    April 10, 2017 / 15:13

    Gorgeous in your leather pants

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