Blue Vibes

blue vibes

blue vibes

blue vibes





blue vibes

As I see these pictures where I give off Blue vibes, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about my time in Chile. Tomorrow I will be taking an airplane to Europe and saying goodbye to South America, but the memories I take with me about my time there are so awesome and sweet that I’m sure they will help me get through the next chapter. “The beaching days”, the many sunsets, the hiking and the many dinners with old friends are memorable treasures that I keep close to my heart.

This dress is a remainder of that, the feeling of letting go a little, and re plan things in your life, allude yourself to try new things, and take your time to figure out what your next move is gonna be, what do you want to have a go at next.

I wish that for every woman, because we deserve it, we deserve time, allude ourselves to start over, to make mistakes, to re start. I’m glad I had that this year. And know I feel ready to go for the next, to kick out this 2015 and challenge my inner self to be better, go get there, and to feel more!

I know I’m kinda of rolling in the deep in this blog post lol, but it’s just the way I’m feeling today. I hope you guys like this outfit! The dress is from an older collection of HM and I wear it all the time during summer because it is so loose and comfy, you can just put it on and give the impression you’ve dressed up with zero effort. ┬áThe neon shades are from Diesel, I enjoy a little pop of color sometimes. Shop some similar looks down here! Good week everyone!

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