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As every woman I have always loved accessories, my mom got my ears pierced when I was a week old baby, with some gorgeous little pearls, a gift from my aunt Ruth, so basically I have been wearing accessories for almost all my life. During my twenties I had literally accessories in every color and shape imagine, I had literally no space where to keep all of them it was insane! and my philosophy was as many options the better. I used to go to forever 21 and I would never comeback home without a new pair of earrings or well anything. But now that I’m starting my thirties my appreciation of things have changed so much, not only relate it to my fashion choices, don’t even get me started about nutrition! because that will definitely require a whole new post, I guess you see things from a different perspective and learn to minimize your preferences and define your taste; and why not to say it your investments. Fashion, as well as many other aspects of your life is an investment. I want to share with you some pieces I wear all the time, and that have become my go to accessories lately. Some of these have been gifts from friends and family, that that beautiful sapphire bracelet in the box, that was my parents present for my birthday last year, and it was so special because I got to spend my birthday with them. My friend Stacy got me a set of Michael Kors’s bracelet and I loved them as well, I wear them all the time, there are pieces that you can wear every single day and they go with everything.

Though I have learned to love these minimal pieces and added them to my wardrobe, I still think every girl should one a couple of statement accessory pieces, to wear once in a while, I have a chunky Dior necklace that never missed the attention not matter the occasion, and I really love that blue bracelet from J.crew I fell in love with it, the minute I saw it in Soho a couple of years ago, I also think you should try some extravagant color sometime, specially on vacation or during summer, these yellow eclectic earrings are so much fun to wear at the pool, or a romantic walk trough the beach.

I have put together some of my favorites accessories cravings right now, as well you may found some of the ones I show you in my pictures, I hope you guys like them! have a fantastic weekend! Xoxo.


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