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I believe that one of the most simple, yet incredible things a woman can do for herself is to step up in some gorgeous pumps. I can tell you many ways and many habits that you can adopt through the course of your life that will improve and make you feel incredible inside and out, but there’s not a fastest way than make yourself feel prettier, empowered and fabulous all at the same time than when you are wearing heels. It’s like “grabbing the bull by the horns” my grandmother would say.

There is a different air, and exceptional attitude of women in heels. I remember reading this article in the Telegraph not so long ago about the reaction toward women in heels versus women in flats. “The results showed that high heels were associated with greater sexiness, overall physical attractiveness, breast attractiveness, beauty, attractiveness to other men, and willingness for a date,” Not for nothing, Victoria Beckham declared “I can’t concentrate in flats”

The first time I saw these gorgeous heels I’m wearing in my photos I couldn’t believe my eyes! I really loved the detail and the materials. You know what my first thought after I decided I couldn’t live without them was? “Oh my gosh they must be very expensive” so I tried them on and took them to the cashier to ask for the price biting my bottom lip, expecting for the worst. I couldn’t believe the price, they were totally affordable and they were in a SALE, lucky me! That is when I was introduced to Miss Selfridge shoe collection. I was familiar with their clothing but not the shoes.  They really impressed me. I truly love the designs, and they use neutrals with a lot of chicness resulting in very particular pieces that look much more fancier and luxury looking than they really are. I believe that you shouldn’t spend a fortune to wear something spectacular, and feel amazing. These shoes are a clear example, less than €50 .00.

I invite you to check these and many more designs that this brand has in store and online this Summer season. Also check out the latest sales happening at Miss Selfridge on this website.

This post is the final series of my pictures from Vienna, where I spent last weekend; We shot this outfit at Rathus the Town Hall. I hope you guys like these shoes and happy Tuesday! Xoxo

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