4th of July outfits

I may not be living in USA anymore but for sure 4th of July is quiet a celebration beneath my closest friends that are actually Americans, most of them. I love to have a day where you can have an excuse to just hang out the park all day, while having turkey hamburgers and drinking tons of beer (that is what you drink in CZ) my favorite part is the daring part, maybe playing a little volleyball game, and just talk. So I wanted to share this Independence day coolest options to get some inspiration for your parties and picnics, this 4th of July that is coming super fast this weekend, Summer is really flying guys! I recently discovered Lisa Marie Fernandez swim collection and I’m fascinated by it! the bikini I post in the board you can found it here┬ábut I also suggest to take a look to other pieces as well, I think they will be essential for this Summer. The incredible red lipstick, perfect for your 4th of july party is from Top shop beauty and you can get it here. This four of July is particularly difference from years before, there will not be fireworks or national anthem playing around but it’s also special because this year I got to meet such a nice new American friends that will be here missing their families and home country, and that is something to remember. I’m glad I get to call them my friends. That is it, I hope you guys have the most amazing time! Happy birthday America! Xoxo


  1. Paulina Rios
    July 7, 2015 / 14:00

    Love Shopbop!!

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