Leopard and Coffee

Leopard coat

Stylish in my Leopard Print Coat

Leopard coat Leopard coat Leopard coat Leopard coat Leopard coat Leopard coat

I said it on Instagram the other day, what in God’s name is happening with the weather?? I am constantly seeing all these dolls girls in sunny beaches and tropical places while I am here freezing!

It’s just not fair you guys, this has been by far, one of the longest Winters and I am done with it, I seriously need to take a vacay soon.

The day we took these photos with Victoria, it was one the coldest afternoons in Prague and her first comment was: Aren’t you cold? I mean considering I was just wearing a tee underneath my leopard print coat, I was feeling “okay” that is one of the things I like about his coat, it’s not only “stylish” but oh so warm and comfy.

You can find my printed Tee here. I have also added other similar coats in really affordable prices to achieve this look.

The last weeks have really felt like a roller coaster, I got engaged on February 11th (I will write everything about that in another post I am working on, possibly with a special guest on it ) which have us very very excited!

If you are a bride to be or have done your own wedding, please share with me how you dealt with all the anxiety, excitement and stress! I have been researching and reading a lot about it, but it will also be great to hear from the voices of experience 🙂

Anyways, I am still not used to seeing that ring there, I love the fact that every time I see it I remember the moment he proposed. Did you engaged / married gals have that feeling too? I love the feeling of a new chapter, especially when it means to share your life with someone you love so deeply and who cares for you so much. The only thing clear to me is that I want to enjoy this moment as much as possible.

I hope you ladies have a fantastic Monday and an even better week. xoxo.

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