Vienna waits for you

Vienna waits for you

Cool bar in Vienna

Andys and Mike bar in Viennavienna17

vienna6 Sluka pastries and cafe in ViennaCafe Lorenz Viennavienna14



Slow down you crazy child… remember the lyrics of Billy Joe’s song? If you don’t I may be getting too old hahaha. Anyway, I think is a great song.  I had the most amazing time this weekend. Vienna has been on my bucket list for a long time, so I was very excited to finally visit it. My cousin and friends always talk about fantastic things to do in Vienna and I was glad to confirm all the things they said about it It’s an extraordinary city.

What I loved the most was visiting all the small design boutiques and art galleries; one of my favorite boutiques was Lila with a fabulous selection of modern clothing. Regarding food, my favorite pastries were from Sluka, an extraordinary vintage cafe in the heart of the city. My friends and I had lunch at Cafe Lorenz and loved the mystique atmosphere. I also had two photo shoots while in the city that I’ll post later on this week.

I totally recommend you visit Vienna this time of the year, the weather is fantastic and you get to experience the seating outside and the gorgeous views.

I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I see you next time. When will you realize Vienna waits for you?

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