Edinburgh road trip

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Hello everyone and happy weekend! I’m just coming back to my routine after my two weeks holiday vacation that took place in the gorgeous London city for Christmas and Aberdeen- Scotland for New year’s eve. After spending time with boyfriend and his family and friends. I had the most amazing time during the holidays, Scotland has quickly win a little pice of my heart. We loved taking road trips to the castles near and and we even managed to take a little road trip for two days to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, which by the way is absolutely gorgeous!

I want to share some random pictures of our Edinburgh road trip, these are very special ones, since I had a new photographer! Andrew patiently manage to take most off these shots regardless my insistently request for more and more lol task he assume with a lovely attitude. In Edinburgh we walked the royal mile from the castle to the Queen’s palace passing along many of local pubs and adorable whiskey shops, that the city is famous for. We had a yummy burger and beer at The world ends, a local pub and we casually came across an extraordinary band that we both adore in a near night club. it was amazing! Next day we walked the city center, went to see some art at the museum of national history and had fish and chips (him) and macaroni and cheese (me) before we hit the road back to Aberdeen.

Even when I was advised to take my warmest jacket to Scotland, and of course they were absolutely right! I needed it! we were glad for not having any snow during our trip, but it was still pretty cold. I was lucky enough to count with this incredible puffer coat that has been one of my best friends during the last 2 winters. I really like to keep myself warm and cozy during the cold temperatures but I hate those extreme big jackets that make people seems to be inside of a black bubble and can;t even move. This jacket from Calvin Klein stills gives you all the comfort without making you lose your beautiful female shape and that is why I like it, its’ incredible comfy and super stylish as well, as many of Calvin Klein’s puffers.

I have put together some of my favorites winter jackets from the brand because “winter is coming” (that was very Game of Thrones) lol and you may want to have one of this in your closet! have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I hope you follow me on Instagram since there are more pictures of my trip over there. Xoxo


  1. January 23, 2016 / 10:39

    Thank you Ariel, glad you are enjoying it! xo

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