The best of 2015

The best of 2015

best of 2015

The best of 2015. We hear it all the time, this past year went so fast! I like to think that time fly’s by fast when you are having fun, and certainly that should always be paramount no matter what.

If I was to choose a word to describe the best of 2015 I don’t think one word would be enough. Recently Facebook sent me one of those “a year ago” pictures and it made me smile, I was sitting with my home country friends in a restaurant in Chile with the fantastic view of the pacific ocean in my city Vina del mar, that was last January. This January I was in Scotland, the same day having home made mojitos made by my boyfriend. Last April I moved to Prague after living in the United States for over five years. The funny part is that one of my new year’s resolutions of 2014 was exactly this: travel and learn a new language, and here I’m traveling and trying to enroll into Czech classes.

Sometimes people ask me why do I have a blog, what is the purpose of it, and my answer is always the same, because it makes me HAPPY, it makes me happy to comeback and see pictures of me five years ago, the places I was seeing, the things I used to like, this blog is my life’s journal is my little corner where I can share the person I am for better or worse, this is me. Sometimes you receive so many comments about other people in this business and how much fame they have, or how stunning they look, I agree they are amazing girls creating fantastic editorials in their blogs and I think it is great that some women relate to that, but for me personally I have never intended to be a super model, certainly that has never been the purpose of having this space, my intention is to INSPIRE other women to live their lives beautifully, to make the best out of what they are, to share the looks that work for me, to provide you with ideas for them to use and enjoy themselves, to take care of their inner beauty, to shine.

From time to time it’s important to remind that to my readers, because I’m a girl just like you, with worries, with questions, with dreams, with a budget. And what better time than to do so at the beginning of a new year. I’m always glad to hear comments from you telling me how much you enjoy my pictures, it really means the world to me! so I want to say thank you to each and every one of you, I know that I may not have thousands of people who will read this, but that doesn’t matter, because each one of you is special here, because we can support each other, while doing something that makes us feel passionate about, this blog makes me feel passionate, and excited every day, and I cannot be more grateful for having you here, sharing this journey with me, sharing my best of 2015 memories.

Life is beautiful, when you are able to see that beauty. I force myself to see it, in someone walking her dog, or someone devouring a croissant, in a lovers kiss, in the fresh roses of the market, in my foot print in the snow.

Every day is a blessing and every year is a reminder that we are still here, and that we have the chance to change the bad, to improve the okay and to keep doing the best!

I hope 2016 brings many blessings to you and your loved ones! Xoxo



  1. January 15, 2016 / 09:37

    Thank you Ariel, and Hayley and Mademoiselle Coconath that means so much to me! Have a lovely weekend Xoxo. Sardis.

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