Old & Odd

Old & Odd

I was deleting some Old and Odd files from my camera and I found these photos that I didn’t want to lose, so I’m posting them here under the title of Old and Odd.  The first one is a sweet moment I was able to capture las Fashion week in New York of talented Designer Pamella Roland, her daughters and son.
old and odd photos

Old and odd close up Old and odd Old and odds Old and odds

The second one is a close up of one of my photo sessions, I really like the details of the accessories here.

Marvelous heart illustration by Haines also at Fashion week NY.

A random (but interesting) picture of my luggage, this has been my situation for the last year.

I really love this illustration I draw for an exhibit a thousand years ago, it’s inspired by Kate Moss.

The last one is about this amazing book I’m starting to read and that I totally recommend, it is called: Willing to walk on water,  by Caroline Barnett, it really touches my heart and inspired me to help others.

Do you have any old and odd photos laying around? Thank you for stopping by.

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