and Easter is coming

April is such a special month, the first little signs of the hope of a Spring, the days starting to change becoming brighter and sunnier. Easter with all the sweetness. Particularly in Kent the grass looks greener than ever.

Life has been so busy lately, I started working full time and driving (in the other side of the car) every day. It’s freezing at 6.30 in the morning but quiet and delicate.
The beauty of the country side of England that you see in magazines and movies doesn’t do justice to the reality of its splendour.

Don’t even get me started about the houses, my God I love the houses and the gardens, the silence of the early mornings makes them even more majestic and idillic.

I’m loving getting to know new restaurants and I’m trying as many different ones as I can. I’m also falling in love of the little boutiques and original stores with such a unique pieces.

Last weekend babe and I enjoy a little Saturday at Regent’s Park in London, our schedules haven been a little ecthic lately so having the change to spend some time having fun was so much needed. We went for Mexican good, as I am on a mission to find the best Churros in London.

There is nothing like wearing jeans on weekend and comfy sweaters, I love the colour of this one it matches very well with jeans and my new Steve Madden sandals I will be wearing this spring.

This beautiful bouquet is an I deal arrangement for Easter that is coming in a couple of weeks. So colorful and lovely while hosting friends and family to have in your house.

Thank you Prestige Flowers for sponsoring this post.

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